Verizon to Announce White iPhone 4 tomorrow

Update to this story here
We broke the story in October / November that Verizon will be exclusive with the White iPhone 4.
Well tomorrow is the big day. We had a semi-confirmation back at the end of November as well. Our sources have stated that Verizon will be making the full White iPhone 4 announcement, and as we stated earlier, the White iPhone will only be on the Verizon network. Also as what we noted before, it will be going for $199 with a 2 year contract.

The story is developing. However watch for the announcement tomorrow and finally everyone will be able to buy a White iPhone 4, but remember, it’s only going to be on the Verizon network.
Don’t you just love Apple?
The issue many individuals have is that they endured AT&T’s terrible network only to be rewarded by Apple the lack of a White iPhone.
Verizon however did score big, as many women will be defecting to Verizon the moment they can, (market research points out that nearly 85% of the White iPhone’s are sold to Women as most men prefer the black model).
Enjoy the new reality.
For us stuck on the AT&T network, your White iPhone won’t be showing up tomorrow on AT&T.

Lego Ads by FCB Johannesburg

We have to admit, these Lego’s are perhaps the best advertising we have seen in a long time.
Most of the time we see horrible advertising agency products that just spend huge amounts of money from the client with no results, this however… this is a good ad.. it sticks.

Barack Obama chooses Kathleen Sebelius for Vice President

There is an update to this post Please review the update….
We have a credible lead that Barack Obama will be announcing Kathleen Sebelius for Vice President / VP.
Our sources work within an ad agency that is hired by the Obama campaign, and have noted that the vast majority of the discussions there are regarding material logistics in terms of Kathleen on the vice president ticket. Now until this is verified please file it as rumor, however our sources on this are not bad.. and have yet to be proven wrong.
Our source noted “It will get a women on the ticket that shares the same views as Obama” a reference to many of the Hillary supporters..
Then of course we had to do some research.
We held some general opinions prior to this little research project. One of them being that they wouldn’t have multiple domain providers, it becomes a hassle.. so the chances are they used the same registrar.
The Main BARACK OBAMA site is using Godaddy as their registrar and uses as their DNS… pretty generic.. as anyone can pretty much do that…
Now were it get’s interesting is the other contenders…
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
It appears OBAMASEBELIUS.COM is owned by the Obama Campaign, and the ‘hidden’ registration will turn into a website after the announcement. Our lead noted that a site is already being designed .. and advertising agencies are always full of leaks. Again file as rumor until verified…
We will compare the evidence we are allowed to show you without anyone getting fired.
So lets compare our suspect:
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
So far a perfect match for Kathleen Sebelius
But let’s research this more as there are other contenders out there that could have the exact same output. Let’s look at Joe Biden.
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Sounds good so far.. until you see this:
SAN FRANCISCO, California 94131
United States
That’s a show stopper… because there is no way that Obama would allow this to happen with the domain name owned by someone else with unknown political views that could turn it into a porn site.
So let’s check Senator Evan Bayh, as a potential candidate.
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Nameservers don’t match, and to make it worse.. the site goes to an RSS parser.. and nothing more.
So let’s try Tim Kaine
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Nameservers don’t match as well… however the registrar does.
This is possible, however unlikely. The chances are the same group that built BARACKOBAMA.COM will be building the new site. So the chances are that they are all going to be roughly identical.
This evidence isn’t conclusive with what is currently available, but the signs do point to Kathleen Sebelius.
Now coupled that with the lead we got.. and we feel there is well over a 50% chance that she will be Obama’s vice president.
Enjoy the speculation.

US Senate drafting anti Bitcoin law

Democratic Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are in the process of drafting an anti-bitcoin law that would make trading or using the bitcoin currency illegal in the United States.
The draconian law (from what we have seen) would make ANY trades in the currency illegal. They are stating that the currency is constitutional.
They are citing that congress only has the right to print money.
U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 8
To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
Hence the argument is that bitcoins are already illegal.
Regardless the currency is under attack. Inflation.Me has become the central rallying point to save the online currency. The site is accepting bitcoin donations..
The whole problem with bitcoins is that they are out of the control of the Federal Reserve, this most likely has no where to go but bad.

Average home price $18,513 – Unemployment rate 21%

The Great Depression has reached Detroit. The average price of a home is now $18,513 and unemployment has reached 21%, and it’s expected to get worse. Detroit is facing a crisis of epic proportions that officially puts Detroit statistically (and real term) on par with the great depression. Many readers of Tribble Ad Agency are advertising centric.. and due to the rash of layoffs within all Detroit Advertising firms has put the city on the map for the wrong reasons.
It has become the center of all that is wrong with America… and nothing of what is right.
For example, the crime rate has fallen…. because of lack of targets within the city. Meaning there is nothing left to steal. In fact, even the criminals don’t want to leave jail.
Heard confirmed that some offenders, notably those without homes of their own, were now expressing reluctance to leave jail when their sentences were done.
Home values have plummeted to levels not seen in 1/2 a century… and the 21% unemployment has in some cases been projected to double within 12 months if the auto industry totally collapses.
To make matters even worse, Detroit has superseded New Orleans as the “worst city” in America…. but New Orleans had a Hurricane they could assign blame to… Detroit has no such natural disaster crutch.
“It’s a depression — not a recession,” McDuell said, with the authority of someone who has lived through both. “It will get worse before it gets better.”
It’s a man-made disaster.
Regarding a local food bank in Detroit that has seen record numbers of individuals entering the system:
“Many people are first-timers — they have no idea how to navigate the system, how to qualify for food stamps,” Wells said. “Last year, some were donors — now they’re clients.”
In short, last year they donated money into the system… now they are feeding from it because they themselves are in hard financial times.
Detroit needs a miracle, the chances of it showing a resurgence is slim to none in the current economic outlook.

EDIT Saturday December 27th — do to a flood of nearly 400 comments, commenting has been shut down for this thread. It’s not that we don’t like free speech… but speech that focuses on Religion, Color and other non-advertising issues are well beyond the scope of this news outlet for Advertising Agencies.
The reason we covered and researched this story was due to the rash of layoffs in Detroit within the Advertising Agency business, as many of these agencies depended on the Auto industry for their income.
We suggest any comments beyond the scope of advertising go to a free speech forum, such as
Edit 2 : we re-enabled comments… please remember the scope of the site is Advertising.

Davied Jones — what’s the real story

The below article was forwarded to me by a friend regarding an individual named Davied Jones. Evidently this man caused great hardship.. really great hardship.
So Mr. Davied Jones, what is your answer to the below?
Dear fellow readers
2010 is starting out on a very sour note for everyone in our industry.
The economic downturn in our sector is still in full effect, however I personally wanted to share this spicy source of information with all of you wishing none of you experience such a delicate dilemma.
Extreme Caution Necessary before reading:
I would rather my name remain incognito in fear of embarrassment in my field of expertise.
However let me start off by telling you a simple story of current events that arose in the middle of September 2009, and is currently ongoing. I however have personally moved on…others are and have not.
This story all started off in September of 2009, I was visiting a close supplier in Egypt in the hospitality industry on Holiday and through this same supplier was introduced to what he seemed a very highly recommendable individual. Both individuals collaborated on a very close business and friendly relationship.
This individual, after formal introductions, proposed to yours truly a permanent job offer in a new emerging holding company in Singapore, named APG (Arabian Pacific Group)
Everyone in my industry knows that a solemn word of promise of engagement is as solid as gold. If it was to the contrary a hypothetical proposal, I would have been able to expand my horizons in accepting or not various job proposals that came my way during this up to date time period.
Having refused those same various permanent job offers, 1 from London and 2 from Amsterdam (Mediacatalyst and Strawberryfrog), for the simple reason that I gave my solemn word, availability and professional competencies.
Arabian Pacific Group was supposedly to be open for business as of April 1st 2010. As of this day, myself including others of top caliber backgrounds are still asking ourselves why we were the victims of such a hoax.
2010 you say? Ironically speaking, let’s use 10 suggestive WARNING bullet points if someone is about to do any sort of business with this particular individual.
1) The Hoax conductor: Mr. Davied Jones, Managing Director of APG Singapore. His fantastic title is absolutely false, he is in reality a simple Food and Beverage Director and Executive Chef, pretending to be someone he is not. Has a Linkedin and InterNations social network profile that states all the contrary to true facts, and to this day we and 8 other victims of his hoax are still under shock why he approached us to relocate to South East Asia on a full time contractual basis including full expat benefit packages to begin with. My (others) official starting date was to be effective as of April 1st, 2010. Lie.
2) APG Holding: Totally nonexistent. This is the list below of the private equity corporate infrastructure that was “supposedly to be” regrouping all brands listed below into 1 primary holding company. To this day the information filtered is totally false. I quote Mr. Jones Mail sent to all parties concerned.
* All (“….”) quote – unquote mentioned in the article is a copy – paste of the emails he sent to myself and the others involved. As you can all see, syntax errors were also towards the end another cause of suspicion and concern…
“Hello Mate . I have spoken to the H/O again and your CV has been passed to the Group Managing Director…
… I shall be travelling to the UK late November or early December on a very short leave… …The big obstacle in all this shall-be AB insistence in myself starting employment with him, Once this issue is sorted out then MAYBE ?????, all shall go ahead , Its a very difficult situation for all of us, but for some reason I’m not at all worried, as I’m confident everything shall workout .
…Just for your info : AB is returning back to the western world on the 4th November, I believe that a day or so after this date I shall have a better picture of what he is going to request of me, as also my entire future is depending if I can cut the Mustard with him. There are many factors and issues which have already been agreed and legally signed on both sides
…so I shall not play games or mess with hope, as I know, this is the last thing you need, but I shall try and give it my best shot for you.” Dave [...]
“We are talking about a huge global company (APG) profile which includes”:
* 12 x 5 star Hotels
* 36 Night Club Restaurants
* Over 200 Coffee / Restaurant bars
* 2 Hotels which are in government parliaments
* 16 Casino’s
* Over 16 movie/cinema catering location company’s (New Dehli, Bombay)
* Also included is his Premium One Off Company, Coheba Cigars World Wide Franchise
* Demidoff Luxury Spirits and Cigars Asian Franchise , All Balic Produce, and the Asian Franchise for Coy”
3) The planning for the APG infrastructure and Davied Jones. All this information mentioned below to this date after full on throttle research is again…totally false and incorrect.
I quote:
“I must leave (Egypt) well before April, as I have to set up a major corporate company , that includes employing all the key people , as you see he wants my committal before the 20th December to his lawyers in London, We are talking about a huge company profile which includes 12X 5 star Hotels, 36 Night Club Restaurants, over 200 Coffee / Restaurant Bars, 2 Hotels which are in Government Parliaments, 16 Casino’s F&B, Over 16 Movie Catering Location Company’s . Plus Many Many Bank Dinning Facilities . Plus loads More . Also included is his Premium One Off Company, Coheba Cigars World Wide Franchise,
Demidoff Luxury Spirits and Cigars Asian Fran chaise, All Balic Produce, and the Asian Franchise for Coy. I have given you half the actual size . I’m Fxxxxx!”

” Its a nightmare, out of my league, HOWEVER I’M GOING FOR IT .”
” * The owning company has several company’s which all generate revenue from the Hospitality industry, all the Hospitality revenue generators from his other company’s shall be purchased and managed by APG.
* All his Licences / franchise for The Luxury Hospitality consumer ( Cigars , Spirits , Delicatessen’s and Coffee Shops ) shall be transferred and managed by APG .
* All further Hospitality acquisitions shall be managed by APG ,
* APG shall be a Registered Hospitality Company in Singapore, London and Brisbane , with the controlling Head Office registered in Singapore ,
* CEO shall have an appointed Board of Directors who shall report to the owning company through the Managing Director and Financial Director , Monthly P/L , Quarterly P/L and yearly Financial and Management due diligence investigation .
* The Owning Company shall appoint all Financial accounting Firms, Law Firms, Legal consultants and Security advisers .
* CEO shall not form any affiliation or Partnership without the direct approval of the owning company.
* CEO shall start trading fully as a Registered company as of the 1st April 2010 , a fully appointed Board of Directors ( Owning company appointed ) Management , Line Staffing and specialist staffing will be appointed and responsible for the effective management of APG as of this date .
* The invited Managing Director ( Davied Jones ) must declare his intent of ownership / managing plus a commencement date of starting his position, to which must be submitted to the owning company’s Lawyers no later than 20th December 2009 of his intentions to accept or decline his appointment. ”
4) My promise of engagement and his personal signing of contracts was never administered, this information below he states is also totally false (starting from December 1st 2009)…
“…I can’t make a promise to you as I don’t know how the company is going to set up the S&M department, I do know they have head hunted a Sales and Marketing Director (French Lady ), but I shall promise you she will not employ anyone in your field or use an agency’s or any freelance Guru’s, as I sign the contracts and will decide who is coming in. (That’s a Promise) make no mistake, I will decide the direction of the company image and the reflection it shows from the outside all the way In . ” It ain’t going to be stiff, starchy and traditional, The way forward in today’s Rat race is obviously, Flexible, stylish and Contemporary, LIFE, STYLE & CHOICE , “That’s mine ” . So mate, read between the lines, you shall see more than a little hope.”
“…I have signed my contracts and informed the company Lawyers that I shall take up my new Position 14th March 2010, which has been been excepted and authorised by the Boss, Here I shall stay here latest 15th Feb (Egypt) , however I would expect to be out between Jan 20/28Th , I have many options.
”…the way forward for me to able to get you in Quickly at the HO , is to employ you as ?????? on a Expatriate contract with everything included, I shall have to seek the Bosses agreement for Senior Executive level Contract , this shall take a few months , BUT you shall be there and hopefully Rocking the office with trendy Ideas ( just give me a little time )”
5) I asked as a good gesture a holding retainer fee, not much, but a guarantee of engagement. As you well know, it never arrived and never will, always mentioning that it was on its way. Yeah, its in the post, how ironic…
6) Concern and confusion flew in: Thus, after a very deep no-nonsense long distance phone-call with him that followed (a witness was present who listened in), I explained thoroughly when a commitment is made in my industry between two individuals its rock solid. I have personally on several occasions never signed a prenuptial contract of engagement and have worked on +1m$ deals on a simple handshake, sending vendors my bill at a secondary date. He admitted to me not to worry, my job had been secured, resign from my present engagements and accept no other offers because not only was I approved by APG Head office, but himself. ”Prepare to close up shop and be ready to be shipped out in April”. Totally incorrect, because a total lie.
“DJ ORIGINAL MAIL”…that followed
” Hello Mate. Singapore is on, 100% for sure , I shall be there in March , at this present time the Big Boys of Singapore are putting a dream team together with the technology to hijack the next Moon Shuttle. Its very impressive and fascinating to whitness how these guys operate and the way they think ahead is just unbelievable , they seem to know everybody’s move before it happens , its fucking Bizare !!! . One very positive feeling I have , These Guy’s are right and I’m in safe hands , I shall follow their leed and nobody else . ( I started to feel a little more secure about the whole scenario) Anyway mate you hang on in there , some how we shall make sure your looked after …”
7) Time running out, Mr. Jones headed for London to presumably prepare the corporate contracts with certain solicitors. Perhaps he was there, we are still wondering. There was supposed to be a strategic meeting, it never happened. He just simply….did a runner. Disappeared. Myself and my hospitality industry supplier were extremely concerned, not having any news, a panic situation arose. Perhaps he got into an accident? Perhaps he’s ill? Mails started to flow, phone calls included. Never an answer, avoiding all responses.
8) The problem is all of this mentioned above has coherency, and am not making this up as I go. My main Hotel Industry Supplier (General Manager in one of the top hotel chains in the world, a very reputed professional), who introduced me to him in the first place and feels somewhat responsible for his actions towards my regards, but most of all is also a primary victim. Resigning from his present position, he now finds himself stuck and against the wall. Giving up several job opportunities, a family member of 2, his reputation is tarnished. He has even invested over 8.000€ of his own money after Mr. Jones’s request to fly out to Bali and Bangkok to meet up with the owner of APG (the main investor) in 2008 for a few weeks. Obviously this owner never showed, and remained put for almost a month hoping to hook up with him. After the definite no show, he was promised by Mr. Jones full reimbursement of his time and expenses. Never paid. Another lie.
9) He was given a list of corporate APG directors plus the future company structure, as well as a draft employment contract to check it legally with an attorney of his choice. All looking very professional (including Logos of the future sub-holdings etc). Fully in his possession after several mails of non response by Mr. Jones, out of panic some people were contacted. Those same people promptly replied, some in disgust, some in total outrage and shock. They have officially stated they have either never heard from him in up to over 8 years nor about any opening positions in Singapore that they supposedly have signed already or were offered by Mr. Jones and are even so upset that he used their names for his own personal benefits without their consent. One individual even threatened to slap a legal restraining order against him to prevent further misuse of his name and very good reputation. One of those alleged members of a new corporate team even gave the comment that the man is a “pathological liar” – but very good in this and possibly schizophrenic.
10) In conclusion, please be aware of this mans actions. Our investigation to get to the bottom of this is still in due course, so the story is to be continued…thank you Tribble and Roger Wehbe for publishing this.
* Unacceptable dilemma, drastic solutions were necessary, and revenge is a dish best served cold. Any Chef or anyone else would understand this common day used quote…