Opportunities and hurdles with Google’s Daydream VR vision

Like Apple Watch, Android wear is offering complications for 3rd party apps that is quite useful.

The app will “provide an easier, more immersive way to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube”, Google says.

Xiaomi, Apple’s (AAPL) Chinese smartphone rival, this year plans to launch a 4K TV streaming device in the US featuring Google’s Android software. This granular information is meant to help developers create apps that avoid performance fluctuations over time.

Google hasn’t announced its own Samsung Gear VR competitor, but the new platform will enable handset makers and developers to take advantage of a unified set of specifications and APIs to easily make VR applications for both smartphones and headsets.

Google says that this iteration of the developer preview is the most stable and is the closest to becoming the first official beta. “Oh, and we will also be giving the first 50 developers to show up a free Chromebook so they can get a head start bringing their apps to Chrome!”. For once users will be able to actually use those emoji, provided your friend has the same ROM installed on his/her Nexus device as well. This new functionality is supported on Android devices going back to Jelly Bean OS.

Once an app has been updated to support the feature, a user can simply tap a URL and open an Instant Android app, even if they don’t now have the full app installed.

“We live in an extraordinary time for computing”, he said, adding that computers have the potential to help solve issues such as climate change and education. Till now it was either through browser or through native apps. But there was one thing Google introduced that, to me, was the best thing I saw at I/O. In case you need to download the entire app, the instant version will let you do so with just a tap. By contrast, Google sells Cardboard for as little as $15, and many brands, including The New York Times, give them away as part of promotions. Now they have opened the platform for only handful of developers and will increase numbers as time passes by.

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