Harry Reid Delights In GOP Senators Squirming Over Trump As Nominee

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said “Ryan disputed the time of the call, not the call itself”. “And they know me personally very well”, Ryan added.

The question Cuomo asked of Donald Trump was related to his recent attack against Hillary Clinton, which cited Bill Clinton’s infamous sex scandal.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are expressing outrage over Ryan’s reticence. Clinton aides pounced on the issue in a conference call while Trump defended himself, saying, “This is a negotiation”.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a blog posting on LinkedIn that Ryan’s statement “that he could not yet endorse Trump was unsafe”.

Trump and Ryan are scheduled to meet Thursday in Washington. Ryan has said previously that he could support Trump if convinced that the reality TV star could unite the party.

“I’m going to wait and see what happens after the meetings this week with [Speaker] Paul Ryan and what happens as he unrolls his platform”, Isaakson said.

“At the same time“, he said, “we want to make sure we don’t pretend we’re unified and then go into the fall at half-strength”.

Trump had a different take on President Clinton’s affair in 2008. It’s home to Brigham Young University, and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney won 88 percent of its voters against President Barack Obama. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma. “They have to establish a workable relationship, and I think they will, but that’s not a good way to start”.

Trump’s opponents are still sorting through the wreckage of the GOP primary season for a path forward. “But you may have to wait a little bit longer”, Cruz said.

Sanders pointed to national and state polls consistently showing that he defeats the likely Republican Party presidential nominee by margins almost twice as great as Clinton’s lead over Trump. Shelley Moore Capito, who isn’t up for re-election until 2020.

“It doesn’t seem his style”, he said.

“I’ve always felt it was overrated”, Trump said in an interview Tuesday. This latest development, though, can be taken seriously as his attempt to get He, Trump to save him from the two disgusting alternatives that Ryan has. His remaining rivals abruptly exited the race last week, leaving him an open path to the Republican nomination.

When reached Monday by phone, Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, said Carson “is a guy who can bring people together”.

Tammy Pawlowski, 58, was horrified when Trump said this year that he never had asked God for forgiveness.

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