Waze to Be Integrated into Android Auto

While these three are competing against the home space, there’s another platform entering the mobile VR space, and that’s Google’s Daydream.

Called Android Instant Apps, this new feature will allow users to experience and use the app without downloading it. YouTube announced Thursday that it’s making a VR app, and Google is partnering with Unity and Unreal Engine for gaming content.

Daydream headsets will work with a range of phone brands. Those cost several hundred dollars, not including a powerful personal computer with fast-enough graphics.

In terms of Daydream software, Clay Bavor, Google’s vice president of virtual reality, said during the I/O keynote that Google’s VR team has focused on particular performance metrics like motion latency, bringing latency down to under 20 milliseconds. Such phones, which meet various display, processor and sensor requirements, are expected from LG, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, Alcatel and others. The first handsets will appear later this year.

Building on the way that Cardboard turned a smartphone into a basic VR viewing screen, Daydream will make compatible phones operate with a latency rate of 20 milliseconds.

Well, that’s the big question. Google say that, later in 2016, “this will roll out to other Chromebooks in the market too”. If so then only new handsets will get the Daydream Ready certification. In case you need to download the entire app, the instant version will let you do so with just a tap.

What Daydream headsets will be available?

But Google also created a reference design for a headset and controller, so hardware companies can build their own. A standardised controller is a huge step forward for VR on Android.

Google is also focusing on the software and cameras that capture VR video as part of its Jump system.

The new controller looks very simple with two buttons, a circular touchpad and motion sensing technology. It now also has option to change the theme so that you can select a colour that best matches the overall theme of the phone.

What Daydream VR apps will be available?

We spotted the event description yesterday, but Google today finally took the wraps off its plan to bring the Google Play Store to Chrome OS.

It’s important to note that Google isn’t replacing Chrome OS with Android; Chrome OS as you know it is going nowhere, and everything you get from it now will remain.

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