TSA head: Agency needs more resources for more screeners

A former top administrator with the Transportation Security Administration said this week what is happening at airports across the country – long TSA security lines forcing some delayed flights, and hundreds of people to miss flights that took off while they waited – is the result of a “perfect storm” of problems.

“If you were to say, ‘Okay, we’re going to go privatize, ‘ which ultimately still works for TSA, it’s about two years before you get there”.

As the peak summer travel season approaches, Charlotte Aviation Director Brent Cagle is anxious about long security lines.

From March 15 to April 15, there were 253 instances of wait-times exceeding 20 minutes at TSA screening points at JKF, Bosco noted.

If you are stuck in a long airport security screening line this summer, you don’t have to just stand there and fume.

On Tuesday, Neffenger apologized for that. I don’t know what that was.

“It’s time that Congress and the airlines provide travelers with some much needed relief”, he said. In addition to these two airports, 22 others, including San Francisco and Kansas City International, already use private firms for security screening. We’ve got passenger growth.

“They [TSA] need to get ahead of it”, the mayor said at the time. Coupled with the fact that summer travel is increasing, the circumstances created a flawless storm, officials said. It’s unlikely such an idea could be implemented this year, however.

Remarkably, the federal budget is 100 times larger than the average state government budget.

“As the Subcommittee develops the fiscal year 2017 (FY2017) Homeland Security Appropriations bill, we urge you to support robust funding for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)”, reads the letter.

Volunteers went through with the problematic items. I’m not saying that infrastructure isn’t a problem. It’s also spending approximately $26 million to increase part-time and overtime hours.

For their part, passengers have limited ways to avoid the pain of long security lines.

The long security lines at some of the nation’s major airports in recent weeks have been nuts.

“This summer will continue to be a challenge”, he said.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin acknowledged some of the things Congress has done to cap the number of screeners and limit resources were unfair, but he said TSA has a responsibility to manage its limited resources effectively. Mark Kirk, who’s running for re-election, suggested Neffenger lose his job.

Twenty-two airports now have private screening companies that operate checkpoint screening under TSA’s Screening Partnership Program, which requires compliance with all existing TSA security screening procedures.

The American Automobile Associaition expects 38 million Americans will travel during the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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