Donald Trump details fundraising for veterans’ charities

“There are so many people who are so thankful for what we did”, Trump said, adding the final figure could top $6 million once all the donations are in.

“On behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves”, Trump told the press seated before him. Who got it? Who got it?’ And you make me look very bad. “I’ve never received such bad publicity for doing a good job”.

Trump had said earlier in the year that he raised $6 million for veterans, but told reporters at his news conference that some of those pledges did not come through and that his final total will likely exceed that mark in any event.

At another point Trump said simply, “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business if I want to send money to the vets”.

The mogul repeatedly misled the public Tuesday while trying to quiet concerns about whether he had raised the promised millions for veterans charities.

Some of the donations arrived in February or March, some as recently as last week.

Inside Trump Tower, there was little of the same grounded, rational thinking taking place.

Donald Trump – or you – don’t have to like the media.

It said Trump would “brag, as he always does, about his supposed generosity and appreciation for our veterans, but nobody should be fooled by this stunt, only completed under vast pressure”.

The New York Daily News previously reported that in 1991, the GOP candidate opposed disabled veterans and other street vendors peddling their goods on Fifth Avenue where Trump Tower sits in New York City.

“You’ve set a new bar for the press corps, calling us losers to our faces”, Daily Mail reporter David Martosko said.

Jim Acosta of CNN asked Trump if he was “resistant to scrutiny, the kind of scrutiny that comes with running for president of the United States“.

McConnell says he does not think Trump is changing the Republican Party “in a fundamental way”, but instead is helping us reach out to voters who “have not lately voted for Republicans”. “Just do your jobs and be fair”, he said.

Trump spoke on veterans issues over the weekend when, at a biker rally in Washington, D.C., he said people in the USA illegally receive better care than military veterans do.

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski initially told the Washington Post they raised about $4.5 million.

In a sense, this was the Donald’s most honest answer of the afternoon: Any journalist who “knows the facts well” is “a sleaze” in Trump’s eyes.

“This is what I mean by vetting”, he said.

The science defines 21st century political campaigns, but Trump has dismissed it. President Barack Obama used data to win two terms, and the Clinton campaign has worked on its own data operation for almost a year. The former Secretary of State had refused the Sanders campaign’s challenge to debate ahead of the California primaries.

Ever since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, many in the GOP who are skeptical of the NY billionaire have argued over whether or not they should get in line and support him. “I don’t want the credit [for the donations], but I shouldn’t be lambasted”.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week”, the Wyoming Republican was asked where the party now stands on the presumptive GOP nominee’s Muslim ban plan. “All of the groups that have gotten the money will be announced on Tuesday”. A new poll shows Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual tie.

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