Donald Trump to provide details on charitable donations to veterans groups

The reason for the press conference was to announce that he had raised at least $5.6 million for vets, but Trump spent nearly a full hour directing his invective at the press corps at Trump Tower in NY.

“Trump also boasted about raising “$6 million” for veterans during an event that he attended instead of participating in a Republican debate, despite recent reports that the fundraiser did not bring in that much.

What you saw Tuesday morning at Trump Tower was the press at its best, not at its worst as Trump said over and over again.

Former Marine Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative and an advisor to Trump on veterans’ issues, scolded reporters at the press conference for failing to focus on veterans’ suicide and other, more pressing concerns than the Republican’s donations. Trump predicted the $5.6 million total that he cited will continue to grow, to eventually top the $6 million figure he claimed back at the event where Trump first solicited donations to veterans in Des Moines, Iowa, on January 28.

But Trump complained that it was “very unfair that the press treated us so badly”.

If you like contentious, insult-laced news conferences, you’ll be in luck should Donald Trump ascend to the White House, the likely Republican president nominee acknowledged Tuesday.

► Defended zoo officials in Cincinnati who shot and killed a gorilla after a child fell into a pit near the animal, saying that “I don’t think they had a choice”.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters and bikers at the Rolling Thunder rally at the National Mall in Washington DC. “They just have to or they won’t remain in office…Already, many are sensing it”.

Donald Trump evidently isn’t planning on changing his contentious relationship with the press anytime soon. The blustery businessman said that several prominent businessmen also donated to the veterans groups, specifically singling out billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn for giving $500,000 and Treasure Island casino owner Phil Ruffin for donating $1 million.

Mr. Baier, who has moderated a Democratic town hall with Mrs. Clinton and has interviewed Mr. Trump on his show, said that producers are “really trying to think outside the box” to balance Mr. Trump’s ubiquity onscreen. “That’s a good thing”, said Ralph Giannola, 65, who said he had not decided whether to support Mr Trump in November.

The facts: Reid said McConnell is “enthusiastically embracing” Trump’s candidacy. Media organizations reported on the lingering questions about the event Trump frequently talked about on the campaign trail. Look, I find the press to be extremely dishonest.

“I’m totally accountable, but I didn’t want to have credit for it”, he added. “You’re a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well”. Trump made his $1 million donation last Monday evening, after a day of inquiries on Twitter – Trump’s preferred social-media platform – by The Washington Post.

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