Trump claims Trump University judge has ‘absolute conflict’

“You can’t have that success without good temperament”, Trump continued. And government prosecutors had no right to see any documents without a warrant.

“They both seem to think they’re above the law”.

Republican leaders are also anxious that Trump is further alienating important constituencies.

Trump first broached these waters in an interview with The Wall Street Journal published Thursday, in which he said Curiel, who was born in IN, had an “inherent conflict of interest” in the Trump University lawsuit.

Trump University ultimately closed up shop in Texas, and Abbott’s office decided not to sue over any allegedly illegal business practices, though some staffers wanted to ask for a $5.4 million settlement. You know why they’re suing?

“It’s very clear to me that Hillary is in no certain way going to be advancing our principles and policies”.

While Ms Hicks had no previous political experience, the university graduate from Greenwich, Connecticut jumped at the opportunity to be Trump’s media handler when she got the call up in January 2015.

“If the caller actually does what they were told to do, that could easily be fraud”, agreed Randall M. Fox, who served as the founding bureau chief of the NY attorney general’s taxpayer protection bureau.

Trump isn’t the first to tread on separation of powers. “He was clearly in charge of pitching this scam university to people”.

– Has a financial interest in the case, including the financial holdings of spouses and minor children. In the case of Trump University, however, Trump’s ownership is not in dispute – Trump wanted the business for himself.

Her mentor never called to schedule a time to talk, according to her August 2011 letter to Trump University President Michael Sexton seeking a refund.

“Trump has been hurling attacks at Curiel since February, calling him “biased” and a “hater”, as well as constantly calling the judge a “Mexican”.

“Those conversations took some time”, he said and added: “I feel much more comfortable that he’s in the same page with us”. That decision is subject to review by a federal appeals court.

“I recall that some consumers had showed up who were homeless and could not afford the seminars, yet I overheard Trump University representatives telling them, ‘It’s OK; just max out your credit card, ‘” Sommers wrote. “And now, Trump is doing us all the favor of stating it outright”. Trump has maintained that customers were overwhelmingly satisfied. No, do you know that?

These were among 58 conspiracy theories tallied up last week by People for the American Way, a liberal group, all documented with links to Trump’s allegations.

Trump has defended Trump University by citing surveys in which 98 percent of students reported being pleased with the program.

Navarro, who backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during his unsuccessful presidential campaign, said she doesn’t now have a candidate to support. A higher percentage demanded refunds later. The entirety of Trump’s campaign has been driven by building white backlash resentment against non-whites – mainly Hispanics and principally Mexican immigrants or their descendants.

The lawsuits allege that Trump University falsely gave the impression that it was an accredited university, that students would be taught by experts selected by Trump, and that students would get a year of mentoring. State regulators also began to take notice.

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