As Republicans fume, Trump backs away from his remarks on judge

But Ryan, who endorsed Trump last week after initial misgivings, said he still supported his candidacy, saying Trump would be preferable to Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee. But, as is the case with most things in Republican politics these days, his party was spoiled by Donald Trump. “You can call me a racist”.

“I never really ever had any information about him engaging in bigotry and prejudice until he took up the cause of the birthers against President (Barack) Obama, which is really so weird”, she added, with an incredulous laugh.

The liberal lawmaker increasingly has tangled with Trump, taking on a role that she seems able to execute more effectively than other Democrats, including presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “This election is about who we are as a nation”.

If instead of bellowing racist claptrap Mr. Trump had announced that he was a Finnish-style socialist with a penchant for cross dressing, that would’ve been a bridge too far.

Many Republican leaders and voters are clearly uncomfortable with Trump as their party’s standard-bearer.

“Last month, Republicans brought to the House floor a defense authorization bill that cuts $18 billion from what our military commanders say is needed to support our troops deployed overseas in order to purchase weapons systems and other items our military didn’t request”.

In a lengthy written statement issued after an uncharacteristically quiet day on social media, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said that his repeated comments about U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel were “misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage”.

Many Republicans didn’t see it that way, and the desire of his party to unify behind him looked at risk of unraveling.

Perhaps most significantly, the episode underscores a fierce resistance inside Trump’s orbit to mellowing the controversial personality that took the GOP by storm this spring. Mark Kirk of IL, who is in a competitive re-election race, said in a statement.

Kirk suffered a stroke in 2012 and often uses a wheelchair. By contrasting this with past examples of controversial Trump comments, it is possible to explain why.

Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary in California, the biggest prize in his triumphant run to become the GOP nominee.

Trump’s words and actions are forcing a choosing: You are either for him all the way or you are not. And the thinking behind it is something I don’t even personally relate to.

Johnson, who said his father was among the first soldiers to liberate Nazi prison camps at the end of World War II, said he also was offended by Trump’s call to keep Muslims out of the United States and wondered whether Jews were next.

As a private citizen, Trump has a right to his opinions, regardless of whether others agree with them or whether others consider them wise, foolish or even risky.

But Gonzales was quick to add that he does not believe the judge in this case should be recused, and said, “the fact that Donald Trump has attacked a Hispanic judge, to me, makes me angry”.

Ryan conceded that Trump’s comments do “undercut” the House GOP’s efforts to put forth a policy agenda this election year.

“It was just a good, quick, touch base – keeping everybody moving the same direction, making certain that as they’ve hit the pivot now, with Hillary [Clinton] having her votes, that we’re moving toward a general election”, she said.

47 percent said Clinton is not likable enough to serve as president, a decrease of 5 points from April. Later, she said, “He wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds and reminding us daily just how great he is”. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t wait for the votes Tuesday to announce her support. “It’s giving some of the donors heartburn, for sure”, she said. He’s his own hatchet man.

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