Obama meeting with Sanders

President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday using her own campaign slogan, “I’m with her”, uniting two former rivals under one banner in a bid for unity in the Democratic party. Sanders had plenty to celebrate: As of Tuesday night, he had won more than 12 million votes, 23 primaries and caucuses, and 1,844 delegates on a political quest that he noted had begun as what political and media elites “considered to be a fringe campaign”.

Clinton was responding to Donald Trump’s accusations that the foundation accepted money from foreign governments while she served as secretary of State.

But Mr Sanders told reporters afterward he would compete in the Washington DC primary next week – the final event of the 2016 primary season. “That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it”.

Obama has competition in courting Sanders supporters.

For his part, Obama said he has seen Clinton’s judgement, toughness, and work ethic in person, which is why, “I’m with her”. Rhodes says Clinton staffers would stop talking when he walked into a room. It is true that we have not dismantled the financial system, and in that sense, Bernie Sanders’s critique is correct… But one of the things that I’ve consistently tried to remind myself during the course of my presidency is that the economy is not an abstraction.

While maybe not as quick as today’s Twitter war erupted, the Democratic primary is hurriedly being rushed to a close. Sanders called that false, but Politifact called it “half-true”.

Nevertheless, Clinton’s $55 million haul from female contributors of $200 or more exceeds by nearly five times the $14.6 million that women in that same donor category have given to Sanders, who has collected 37.8 percent of his itemized contributions from women. And then, a real partisan punch-up, unpredecented in its viciousness, is what many voters seem to want from this election. Sanders said at the time.

Obama was looking to play peace broker, coaxing Sanders to recognize Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.

Laugh at the Republicans’ comeuppance if you want; heaven knows it’s richly deserved. And I think that is incredibly important. Before the meeting, Sanders and Obama strolled down the colonnade, smiling for the gathered television cameras.

The move came after Obama met with her rival, Sen.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, after he spoke at a primary night rally at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif., Tuesday.

Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said Mr. Trump has built some post-primary momentum with evangelical voters after aligning himself with the faith-based community on cultural and moral issues. Some social conservatives say they need to see more from Mr. Trump before they are comfortable with him, but others – echoing the views of many Republicans nationwide – say the choice has been made for them.

Obama taped his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

The focal point of that pivot will likely include Mr Obama’s official endorsement, which came shortly after the President’s meeting with Mr Sanders.

And Obama said that while he was a community organizer, watching as jobs were shipped overseas, Clinton was a “corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Walmart”.

Citing the “extraordinary campaign” that Sanders has run this year, Clinton told NBC News that “I really appreciate all that he’s contributed to the Democratic Party and our country and the issues that we’re going to be focused on in the general election”. “Which is why, when it comes to candidates doing better than you thought they would, Bernie Sanders finishes a distant f-ing second”. According to CNN, Stein’s camp has reached out to the Sanders camp multiple times in recent months in the hope of a “collaboration”.

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