Facebook Messenger for Android gets SMS support: Here’s how it works

However, the feature didn’t take off as expected, and it was axed in 2013, in part due to the lack of popularity among Android users.

Facebook has announced that Messenger users can now use SMS in the application. To differentiate between Messenger chat and SMS, the text messages will be purple and the Messenger conversations will be in blue. The social media giant rolled out a new feature yesterday, which enables users to send and receive standard text messages through its Messenger app. If you want to use some of the more advanced features, though, like sending someone money or a GIF, you’ll have to use a regular Messenger chat. They will only have to use one app instead of having to switch between their normal SMS messaging app and Facebook’s. You can check yourself if your version is ready by opening the Messenger app, choose Settings, click ‘SMS’ if you see it on the list, and then turn on ‘Default SMS app’.

Facebook wanted to specify that these conversations won’t be stored on its servers, so users mustn’t have a reason to be afraid of.

For now, only Android users will be able to use this new feature to send SMS; though there are no restrictions on who can get the messages globally.

Facebook Messenger has launched a feature that will allow the messaging platform to handle both standard SMS messages and Facebook messages, all combined into one interface.

Unlike in Hangouts or iMessage, SMS threads are separate from Facebook messages, and they’re color coded differently too so you can identify them at a glance. After receiving a text message, SMS will show up in the profile tab at very right. According various reports, Messenger has been testing this feature since February. That means Android users can set the app as their default texting client. While the feature is only now available for the Android version of Messenger, users on the receiving end of SMS sent through the app can be on any operating system. In either case, starting a conversation works the same way as always: Either tap an on-going conversation to add to it, or tap the “write” button, choose your recipient either by phone number or Facebook name, and text away.

The upgraded Messages app will include making your text messages more personal, as users can now tweak their texts to appear happier or more apologetic, with different animations and font sizes.

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