Sanders, yet to concede, says he’ll work for Trump’s defeat

Everyone seems to know the Democratic race is over, except Bernie Sanders. And the many, many lines about a political revolution. Although this is hardly the first instance of Trump adopting Sanders’ language of a rigged economy, this is the first time that Trump has used it to explicitly try and tear Democratic voters away from Clinton as he shifts into the general election.

Looking beyond the immediate political concerns, Sanders said that his base must ultimately broaden their fight beyond the presidential election, encouraging his supporters to run for public office or become civil servants.

When Blitzer pressed Gabbard over whether she thought Sanders should drop out of the race, Gabbard said she was “not going to go there”.

“Some believe – and it appears this is Bernie’s view – that the longer he stays in, the more effective he’ll be in negotiating”, another Sanders ally, Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT), said prior to Sanders’ speech on Thursday. Sanders is also likely to press Clinton for concessions on foreign policy issues, especially on the USA posture in the Middle East and relations with Israel and the Palestinians. Elizabeth Warren have already come out in support of Clinton, will baffle and infuriate the Democratic base. After Tuesday’s primary in D.C., where Clinton won nearly 80 percent of the vote, Sanders would have to convince over 502 of those delegates to switch sides in order to win the nomination. He also alluded to the controversial leadership of DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. “In virtually every state that we contested we won the overwhelming majority of the votes of people 45 years of age or younger, sometimes, may I say, by huge numbers”, Sanders said.

Organizations represented, the letter states, “are committed to joining together to support candidates who commit to enact the policies and practice the politics required to secure this future for our country”, pointing to environmental, health care and economic issues championed by Democrats.

A lot of the people who’ve fought for those things agree with Sanders that they didn’t go far enough in important ways, or even that key people in the party didn’t push hard enough or strong enough for them.

The former candidate for the presidency was expected to make a declaration endorsing rival Clinton, but he stopped quite a bit short of that, saying that that it was “no secret” that there are key issues which they are fundamentally opposed on.

The senator is likely to call for a roll call vote at the convention, according to a person close to the campaign, and on Tuesday he ignored a question from CNN’s Jeff Zeleny on Tuesday about whether he’d place Clinton’s name into nomination as she did for Barack Obama in 2008.

“Look, Bernie Sanders has been fighting for a progressive agenda his whole life”, Weaver said.

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