Apple unveils details for the new iOS 10

MacOS Sierra is the latest desktop platform for MacBooks and Macs that has been created to change the experience for newer machines.

While many people tuned in to the live stream, others might have missed the event and need to get up to speed on the news.

With Apple’s iOS 10, unveiled Monday at its developers’ conference, users can finally delete many apps that come standard on Apple devices, like Stocks, News, and Weather, writes Lily Hay Newman at Slate. The new iOS is so smart it can highlight “emojifiable” words, giving users a heads up if they’d like to change the word “pizza” to a picture of a slice or find the ideal emoji face to express the word “love”. “Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for MacOS and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices”, said Apple on its website. Apple Pay is now available through Safari browser but the verification will use TouchID feature from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Further, Google is not set to benefit from this change because it will not be the default provider for searches made via Siri in macOS. Many updates are included which you lets chat Big, Bold and lovely. Moreover, iOS 10 automatically converts all the photos in a video with text and music for an improved experience. This recent rule rewrite allows game makers to skip adding Siri Remote support all together, at least for the time being. Users will also be able to start Workouts, Music, and Messages right from the face, depending on how they customize it.

As expected, there are some new wallpapers in iOS 10. With 3D Touch, you can also “clear all notifications” with just a single touch. Users can also learn the words to songs with lyrics that will appear on the Now Playing screen. There is a new feature called “raise to wake” that wakes up the screen when you raise your iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and check the notifications without pressing a button. Now, its high time, the tech giant should give iPhones users the much-needed upgrade as well. In 2012, Apple announced Mountain Lion, and it too dropped support for older Mac models, leaving several owners disgruntled by the news.

And a very welcome change: wheelchair users can now take full advantage of the Activity app. It shows two apps in a split screen.

Instant response of the apps on Apple’s watch has been boosted by seven folds according to Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Technology. Siri is now on Mac and can help users to multitask like sending a message while working on a presentation. The name change means it no longer stands out against Apple’s other platforms and is fully integrated into the line-up. Developer Andrew Wiik recently posted screenshots of the Messages app with the dark mode enabled. You could find more details about Apple’s new macOS file system from Ars Technica here. Siri will also be able to book you an Uber, handy. The next generation of Apple Watch is faster and smarter. There is also a new VoIP API for integrating apps into the lockscreen, recent and favorites. Of course, it remains to be seen what all features will work in India. A report from Nomura found the top 15 app makers saw downloads tumble an average of 20 percent in May in the USA, indicating that not even popular apps like Facebook are immune to the app slowdown. The user can set a timer or call a auto on Lyft with just one touch. At WWDC, Apple showed an example: animated amusing faces from JibJab within the text, as an alternative to emojis.

Another reason could be that the vendor has made a deal with a third party and receives a fee for every shipped device with the third-party’s app installed. Called Swift Playgrounds, the app will include lessons and step-by-step instructions on how to master the basics of coding. With that said, there will be no remaining point of the app, whereby making it redundant.

The big attraction of iOS 10 is the expansion of Siri to developers.

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