Clinton closing in on running mate search

Clinton, who was invited to join the meeting by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is expected to arrive around 10 a.m., according to a Democratic aide. Clinton is thought by many to be considering Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., the vice chairman of the House Democratic Conference, for the job.

Bernie Sanders appeared to admit defeat to Hillary Clinton in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination Wednesday. “People having the courage to say ‘I’m hurting, I’m in pain and I want you to know about it'”.

On Tuesday, she starred in a Facebook video ad produced by In less than a day, her wonkish explanation of how the taxes of Mr Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate, might reveal deceptive business practices scored 2.2 million views.

Democrats stressed the unity within their party, drawing a contrast with Republicans, some of whom have offered only lukewarm support for Trump.

I backed Sanders because when over half the population is divided between a self-proclaimed socialist and a practicing fascist, the center can not hold.

The presidential hopeful emphasized that Clinton’s “command of public policy” is in a “different world” from Trump’s and argued that Sanders supporters would not flock to Trump. Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator has not yet endorsed Clinton or conceded the nomination to her – though he seems to be slowly shifting that position.

Sanders made his comments in a televised interview after being asked if he had prepared a speech for the party’s convention next month in Philadelphia when the nominee will be confirmed.

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party are full steam ahead as they approach the Democratic convention, beginning July 25, and the crucial post-convention stretch.

Donald Trump says, “no secretary of state has been more wrong, more often, and in more places than Hillary Clinton”. And among a certain swath of often vehemently anti-Clinton progressives, Sanders is perhaps the only one who can lead that healing.

For all the calculations about who would make a better running mate, the list of actual candidates is believed to be fairly small.

Mrs Clinton has said she would attempt to raise the federal minimum wage in office and strengthen labour unions, in addition to a five-point plan which she hopes will kick-start the U.S. economy. The Associated Press, citing unnamed Democratic sources, said her emerging short list includes Massachusetts Sen.

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