Hillary Clinton: We Don’t Need Candidates Who ‘Talk Trash About America’

Using a version of his opponent’s popular slogan against her, Donald Trump declared to the country on Thursday night, “I’m with you”.

While sister Ivanka Trump has long impressed New York Republicans, top Republicans say they began to consider Trump Jr.’s potential this week following his speech at the recently concluded Republican National Convention. “I’ve never heard of an American leader, or at least someone who wants to be an American leader claiming that he’s all we need”. On Thursday, a draft of Trump’s acceptance speech leaked to reporters early, reportedly via a Republican who shared it with allies of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, Trump’s campaign co-chair in NY and an unsuccessful candidate for governor in 2010, said he would caution Trump Jr. not to run. He again blasted what he called the unfair trade tactics of competitors like China. Trump painted the United States as a nation in decline by terrorism and crime.

Others view Trump’s inflammatory remarks as evidence that he’s a straight-talker who speaks his mind bluntly ― and then gets misinterpreted.

Party officials won’t say exactly how many delegates are African American.

He continued: “Let’s review the record”.

In his speech, Trump offered little in the way of details about his policies but rather portrayed himself as a fresh alternative to traditional politicians, willing to consider new approaches to vexing problems and help working-class people who may feel abandoned. He talked about death and violence, while promising to defend the right to bear the guns that inflict much of it. He said, extraordinarily but characteristically, that violence would end and safety would be restored overnight by the mere act of electing him.

“We don’t want them in our country”, he says, while ignoring that many thousands of refugees and fellow immigrants have settled in the USA peacefully and also fear terrorism. Trump himself occasionally joined in the “U-S-A” chants, flashing the crowd a thumbs-up.

In one camp were the speakers who have strongly embraced Trump.

Donald Trump’s pitch to Americans has honed in on the most successful – and worrying – aspects driving Britain’s exit from Europe and Pauline Hanson’s revival in Australia.

“This, in turn, will create millions of jobs”, Trump said.

To be sure, the 2016 Republican National Convention will be remembered for many things: from a failed last-minute attempt to block Donald Trump from sealing the nomination to plagiarism in the speech of Melania Trump to the tactlessness of Sen.

Trump also acknowledged the seemingly-insurmountable odds he defeated to become the Republican party’s nominee.

Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany spoke of a softer, more considerate side of her father. And he even joked that he could have made big bucks reselling tickets to his convention speech on EBay. Trump said. “We have to blame Mike”.

Trump and his aides have been unable to put to rest questions about whether they can mount a sophisticated campaign to take on Clinton’s well-oiled operation.

But the Republican party rank-and-file lapped it up, rising to its feet in standing ovation after standing ovation and displaying none of the divisions that have plagued the four-day convention.

Former Republican US presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz was booed for not endorsing Trump.

In his post-convention news conference, Trump attacked Cruz and again drew attention to a debunked National Enquirer story linking Cruz’s father to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Dismissing Cruz’s criticisms, Trump suggested he stay off the campaign trail: “Ted, stay home, relax – enjoy yourself”.

Julie Williams, a flutist who performed with the Cleveland Orchestra at a convention event on Monday, doesn’t consider Trump to be a positive figure within the GOP and doesn’t believe he’s moving the party to the left on social issues.

Some GOP “leaders” have clumsily tried to straddle on whether they back Trump. “I love the media”. “They’re so honest… They’re such honorable people…” Trump predicted Cruz would never mount a serious campaign for president and said that if he does, “maybe I’ll start a super PAC” to attack him.

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