Stephen Curry helping Kevin Durant figure out where to live

“Coming back here today, obviously it was a US game but to me it was more about him than anything”, Green said. That is why defense is considered so important; it never takes a day off. Shooting can come or go, a team can go hot or cold from the perimeter, but defending is consistent and mostly a matter of desire of which this group has an abundance of.

Warriors’ Stephen Curry congratulated by Kevin Durant after defeating the Thunder in the Western Conference finals. Which makes the bond Durant, Green, and Thompson will form this summer all the more important. Even before the new season, as it turns out. (Clipper) DeAndre Jordan is such a good player. He scored 20 points, including 16 in the third quarter, as United States of America cruised to a 107-57 win over China. “We won a championship with him and saw his career here, so I was really happy about that”. I mean just imagine how insane that would make things. And we do, too.

When told he had been booed in pregame introductions, Durant seemed surprised: “No, I didn’t hear it”. Green will be cheered. Barnes is now with the Dallas Mavericks.

He didn’t disappoint. Durant opened the game by scoring the team’s first 10 points.

Speaking on an ESPN podcast, ESPN’s Royce Young said Durant repeatedly assured Westbrook he would re-sign with the Thunder. “You see these guys on TV”, the Duke coach said, “but I don’t get a chance to see them in person”.

“He won’t get booed Tuesday”, Warriors general manager Bob Myers said. “Effortless. I’m going to learn from him like I learned from Steph”.

“I believe it will be very positive”, he started over, inserting belief in place of hope. “It’s going to be fun”.

Durant, known for criticizing the media and even trolling them on occasion, was notably friendly with reporters after the game and made jokes about Krzyzewski and whether he could play table tennis in the Olympics instead. “But I think everything does happen for a reason”.

Of course Durant will.

Right before tipoff, the Warriors trio of Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green took to center court to dedicate the game to the fans watching. Just to the left of the placard, Durant autographed a new Warriors home jersey bearing his name.

Kevin Love would appear to be the odd man out in most situations if the Cavs look for an upgrade, and perhaps a better fit than Love.

Warriors fans also got to see China use some of the talent they will face in the National Basketball Association next year.

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