Trump campaign apologizes for past statements

But, Tyler said, it’s all “getting subsumed by the black hole candidate that is Donald Trump”.

Trump said according to the Institute for Energy Research, lifting the restrictions on all sources of American energy will increase GDP by more than United States dollars 100 billion annually, add over 500,000 new jobs annually and increase annual wages by more than USD 30 billion over the next 7 years.

Over the past month, Trump’s lost serious ground in the polls to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, by contrast, has spent more than $75 million on advertising in 10 states since locking up her party’s nomination.

“She hasn’t taken a lot of time off the campaign trail”.

Clinton has led Trump in the poll throughout most of the 2016 campaign, and has maintained her advantage following last month’s Republican and Democratic conventions. A majority of Wisconsin Republicans – 54 per cent – said in 2014 that fraud of one type or another moves thousands of votes in the state in every election, despite a lack of evidence to back up that theory. According to the poll, neither candidate is regarded favorably by most Americans, and two-thirds of US adults believe the country is on the wrong track. The questionable claim looks to mobilize Republicans, with the all-important start of early voting in some states just weeks away. There was a spike in the number of illegal immigrants who crossed the southwestern border into the April, reaching the highest point in roughly two years.

That state illustrates the depth of Trump’s problem: It’s considered a linchpin of his strategy to win over working-class white voters in the Rust Belt.

He’s hoping the change in leadership, and staying on script will be what this campaign needs less than 90 days until the election.

Paul Manafort’s resignation is a clear admission that the disturbing connections between Donald Trump’s team and pro-Kremlin elements in Russian Federation and Ukraine are untenable”, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement.

Clinton’s 4.5-point lead? If that were to be her margin on Election Day, it would tie the largest margin of victory in the presidential contest in OH since 1996. Soothing some of those fears, then, could help Trump keep the races in states with large black populations close.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign rushed to assert that Manafort’s resignation would not end Trump’s admiration of Putin as a “strong leader”. At the same time, it exempted tough photo ID requirements for early mail-in voters, who were more likely to be white and Republican.

The Trump campaign has attempted to keep the spotlight fixed on Clinton’s troubles, but his own gaffes have continued to get in the way. The LA Times poll indicated a 10-point swing in favor of Trump among black voters following his speech in Milwaukee. Once voters begin casting their ballots, improving poll numbers become less valuable with each passing day.

While fraud can occur, the number of cases is very small and the type that voter IDs are created to prevent — voter impersonation at the ballot box — is virtually non-existent.

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