Trump immigration waffle reflects voter confusion on issue

“People don’t know how well we’re doing with the Hispanics, the Latinos”, Trump said Friday at his hotel just off the Vegas Strip. “These are the acts of a desperate candidate who knows he is going to lose”. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other primary rivals as weak and spineless on immigration, and who repeatedly vowed that he would never waver in his push to deport everyone here illegally.

“This shouldn’t happen in our country”, Trump said in Des Moines. “You can’t trust her”, said Beth Gramling, who voted for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

“I don’t know that we need to get out the vote”, Trump told Fox News on August 11.

“There’s no Trump ‘pivot.’ He is the same man still pushing policies of mass deportation and portraying immigrants as criminals”, Huerta said in a statement released by People For The American Way.

“I don’t want to break up families”, Green said. “Build the Wall!” has become a popular rallying cry at his campaign events, as Trump beats his chest and promises to keep anyone whose last name ends with “z” out of America.

Instead, he must have been seeking to appeal to white voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for him because of the racist tone of his campaign. “They’re out”, Trump said. “They are criminals. It is a crime to unlawfully enter America”.

Trump’s motivation is obvious, he is down in the polls and needs to create the impression that he is changing on issues such as immigration, in order to attract a broader base of support.

Moreover, no previously undocumented immigrant would be provided permanent resident status until all current legal applicants receive their green cards. He advocated the same in the GOP primaries.

In a town hall meeting hosted by Sean Hannity this week, Trump said the following: “Everybody agrees we get the bad ones out”.

Running through statistics about high unemployment in Detroit and the number of shootings in Chicago’s inner-city black community, which he tied to “decades and decades and decades” of Democratic policies, Trump said that if he’s president “it will get fixed”.

Trump’s new campaign manager appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union”, and when asked directly whether Trump’s plan will include a deportation force, Conway indicated that it is up for discussion. Her physician has said the former secretary of state has no serious issues. Though the bill would provide a so-called path to citizenship, following that path would take a long, long time. No matter how many times he reshuffles his campaign, he is who he is.

He holds tight to his message that illegal aliens that have committed a crime must be the first to be deported. In other words, I noted that even though I’m in favor of a border fence because it would help deter some illegal immigration and drug trafficking, I would have responded “no” to that question due to the fact that there are locations along the border with geography that serves as a natural barrier.

“I’m starting to worry that he’s panicking and talking to the wrong people because he’s sounding a bit more like the candidates he defeated”, Coulter told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday.

The polling in Florida has been all over the place, but a new Mason-Dixon poll shows Hillary Clinton with a narrow lead over Donald Trump in the state, 44% to 42%.

But the real estate developer did seem open to ideas about how to deal with what he acknowledged was the toughest part of the debate – what to do with those in this country without the proper documents.

The Clinton Foundation arguably does great work by saving thousands of people living with HIV/Aids in many developing countries. The crowd, shown above at bottom, was enthusiastic and broke into chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” and “USA, USA, USA” several times during the rally. Those comments came after the Trump campaign abruptly canceled a major immigration speech that had been scheduled in Denver.

Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the nativist Center for Immigration Studies, told the Wall Street Journal the Trump campaign was over.

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