Clinton says controversies behind her; Trump begs to differ

Trump is meeting with Hispanic business owners in Las Vegas as a part of his weeklong outreach to minority voters – a group Trump said Clinton and the Democrats have abandoned.

Conway also argued that Trump “deserves credit” for his outreach to African-American voters, even though Trump primarily campaigns in predominantly white communities. It also shows headlines about a racial discrimination lawsuit the NY real estate mogul faced in the 1970s.

Over the past couple of days, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot and she responded by delivering an entire speech blasting him for his ties to white nationalists and racists – to which Trump responded that she was insulting all the Americans who supported him.

The Sun’s editors instead chose to run a long story on Mr. Trump labeled “analysis”, speculating on his recent comments on immigration, but totally ignored Ms. Clinton’s speech. “We’re doing really well”. We’ve been doing unbelievable, far, far greater. than anyone understands. “They want to see things happen”, Trump said.

“I think that as we go down through this, we enforce the law”, King said. “It’s gonna remain very strong”, he said.

In a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll that includes candidates from small, alternative parties, Clinton leads the field by a smaller margin.

CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett reports that on Friday night in the swing state of Nevada Trump met with Latino supporters in Las Vegas trying to map out strategy in an effort to court Hispanic voters.

Clinton also responded to what she called a “fair question” from host Joe Scarborough as to why the Clintons are not transferring the foundation’s work to other nonprofits to ensure there’s no potential for conflict of interest if Clinton were elected.

In the video, the Clinton campaign interspersed the clip of that conciliatory statement with clips from older speeches and interviews featuring the Republican nominee.

A majority of millennials (61%) have a strongly unfavorable opinion of Trump, while 35% have a strongly unfavorable opinion of Clinton. The video also shows Clintons former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, denouncing the phrase as “a racist term.” Clinton has since apologized for using the term.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, defended the NY businessman’s comment on ABC News’ Good Morning America Friday morning. You’re living in poverty. She added that “Trump’s acceptance of him could put that man, that despicable man, in the Senate of the United States”. “It’s the lies and cynicism of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine versus the hope and optimism of Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence”.

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