Mike Pence Walks Back Calling Putin a ‘Stronger Leader’ Than Obama

Asked on Thursday if he agrees with Trump, Pence told CNN, “I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country”.

She added: “So can I say I was surprised?” When Lauer introduced a question about how the Republican nominee is boning up on issues, he told Trump, “nobody would expect you” to have delved deeply into foreign policy. “That is not acting in our interests”.

“. I don’t like either of them, but Trump is gaining on her and they’re rattled”. She also took Trump to task for commenting in public Wednesday night on a confidential national security briefing given to presidential candidates.

Both UNC Asheville students and alumni responded to the news that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may change his stance on immigration.

Nina Khrushcheva, a great-granddaughter of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and a professor of global affairs at The New School, feels the Trump-Putin rapport could go one of two ways should Trump become president.

Speaking to reporters the morning after a NY security forum featuring separate appearances by the two candidates, Clinton also slammed the businessman for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin and saying U.S. generals had been “reduced to rubble” by the policies of U.S. President Barack Obama.

TRUMP: “I mean, we’ve been badly hurt by Mexico, both on the border and with taking all of our jobs or a big per cent of, of our jobs”.

“I communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system”.

And so, in a press conference that lasted less than 20 minutes, Clinton achieved exactly what she set out to do: End the criticisms that she had gone the entire year without a press conference, and move the narrative beyond Thursday night’s forum. I put together a coalition that included North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, included the Arab League, and we were able to save lives.

Two months before Election Day, Trump’s policies remain largely unformed.

Donald Trump has said throughout the presidential campaign that he never supported the Iraq War.

Clinton’s campaign, in an effort to paint Trump as a national security risk, has kept close tabs on former defense officials who have endorsed the former secretary of state – particularly those who worked in Republican administrations.

His campaign has criticized Clinton’s reset as “a massive diplomatic failure” and accused the Democratic candidate of getting “rolled” by Putin.

“If he cannot respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans”, she added.

The response illustrated the pressure moderators will face during the three upcoming presidential debates, starting with Lauer’s NBC colleague Lester Holt on September 26. She said she couldn’t promise there would be no terror attacks on USA soil if she becomes president, calling preventing terrorism “a huge challenge”.

And while she’s apologized for a long list of past policy ideas and personal choices, including her use of a private email account while serving as secretary of state, he’s acknowledged just once that there are statements “I do regret”. “We have some great people in this country, we have some great, great people in this country but we’re going to follow the laws of this country…” And for the first time, he opened the door to granting legal status to people living in the USA illegally who join the military.

“And as you know, there are many people that think this shouldn’t be done, at a high level. I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional”.

Since then, Trump seems to have stuck with his opposition of the war, but it’s not entirely true that he opposed it before the invasion. He replied, “Yeah, I guess so”.

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