The 9 New Features in watchOS 3 You Need to Know About

Sweat With Kayla actually got a shout-out at Apple’s WWDC press conference when iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 were previewed, and we can understand why: the app looks like an wonderful use of the Apple Watch for tracking exercise and regularly checking in on your overall fitness goals.

When you launch an Apple Watch app on watchOS 2, you may need to wait a full minute to use the app.

Additionally, watchOS 3 offers a new dock and has replaced Glances.

With watchOS 3, Apple is doing an about-face of sorts, switching the focus of Apple Watch to fitness. Apple has noted that it has sold through the entire launch stock of iPhone 7 Plus in all finishes, and the iPhone 7 in Jet Black. Messaging improvements galore. The ability to swipe between two watch faces, so you can customize the look of the device on the fly. Apple said “it’s going to feel like a whole new watch”. You’ll also see built-in messaging options.

Part of the reason the watchOS 3.0 update takes so long is because it first downloads to your iPhone and then is sent to your Apple Watch where it unpacks and installs. That means, with just the raise of a wrist, you can see real-time workout metrics from these apps. And watchOS 3 has been updated accordingly, with the fitness stuff now front-and-center.

Finally, WatchOS 3 can sync with MacOS Sierra, so the device automatically unlocks the computer when nearby. In side-by-side tests with an original Apple Watch Series 0, the Watch S2 opened applications and loaded data much faster.

You can now share your workout and activity information with fellow Apple Watch users so you can compete with each other. The consensus is that Apple has identified where the Apple Watch excels – namely as a fitness device – and doubled down on that, with positive results. It comes with loads of new features, including the watch being waterproof.

Each watch works with its maker’s respective payment service. It’s also just nice and clean and easy to understand when you’re mid-sweat. In previous watchOS versions, when you pressed this button, a circular list of your contacts would appear. To do this, you will have to press and hold the Side button.

Home app: With iOS 10 for iPhone, Apple has given iOS users a new Home app for controlling all their HomeKit-enabled devices.

“The new like the iPhone 7: no one will notice that you’ve got the new model”, The Verge touts. If you already have an iPhone, really want Global Positioning System and waterproofing, like the app notifications, don’t care about having to charge it every day, and have at least $369 dollars to spend, then go for it. Athletes who want a tri-sport mode, a completely visible display, and hours and hours of GPS-equipped battery life will want to look elsewhere. It can then measure laps, your average pace, active calories and other parameters, shown in a companion Activity app on the iPhone.

Moreover, the default watch faces can be selected and even customized by users as Apple is now encouraging third-party apps to create their own complication for the Apple smartwatch.

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