Renée Zellweger Talks Up Her Plans For Bridget Jones 4

When Renée Zellweger learned her third turn as Bridget Jones would involve a pregnancy of questionable paternity, she wasn’t exactly shocked. Emma Thompson plays a very amusing obstetrician who is amused by Bridget’s suitors. But I think my favorite scene was when Darcy is carrying Bridget to the hospital because there’s a traffic jam and then Jack jumps in to help – I was dying of laughter.

After staring at a 43rd birthday cupcake while alone in her apartment, Bridget hits her limit with the solitude and heads to a music festival with her friend.

Bridget Jones’s Baby” is one of those films where some of the scenes are flat-out amusing. I like when she finally decides that she’ll be OK by herself, because that’s something we’ve all watched her evolving towards in the other chapters of her life. Instead of grasping both men, however, she in turn entwines both her hands with Mark’s.

“It is absolutely inconceivable that Bridget, a single 43-year-old pregnant woman, never considers terminating her pregnancy even if she eventually rejected it”, Goldman wrote.

Did you have any hesitation about coming back to Bridget?

“Malleability”, the 47-year-old actress quickly shot back. This concept is what makes “Bridget Jones’s Baby” movie amusing, witty and romantic as ever. Based on a true story, Sully is about the “miracle on the Hudson”, with Tom Hanks as Captain Chesley Sullenberger in a retelling by director Clint Eastwood. She is as confused as the rest of the world that is charmed with the past but is addicted to everything contemporary. I nearly wish that the movie had spent more time sitting in the doctor’s office. “We haven’t had Bridget and the menopause, we haven’t had Bridget and the school run”. Now, the befuddled mum-to-be, her loyal entourage of friends and eccentric co-workers, as well as her amused no-nonsense gynaecologist, must work out if the proud father is Mark or Jack. Bridget’s pregnancy doesn’t exist in a bubble but in the middle of her mother’s campaign for public office.

In a trailer for the film, as Bridget Jones looks at a sonogram image of her unborn baby, she says, “You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen”. Speaking at a press conferences, she said: “I was curious about other things”. A paternity test is supposed to follow, but naturally, the filmmakers save the answer until the very end.The after-credits scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby, which comes after viewers see her getting married to Mark, followed by a bit of a fake-out when Jack is playing with the baby, gives some final confirmation about the father of the baby. We have affection for her, and she holds a lot of meaning for us. “You just get on with your day with hurt feelings or not”, she says.

As slapstick at times as the film may be, it is, at its heart, about that very same notion: We have to stop defining our happiness by how well the reality of our lives matches up to the fantasies we’ve had for years. You were very upset with me, if I remember correctly.

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