Denver Broncos: Not Horsin’ Around

Maybe something along these lines: My condolences, Andrew, . for tossing the Colts’ 2016 season in the dumpster.

In a switch so far from last season, the Broncos actually have 103 fewer penalty yards (76-179) than the opposition so far, which ranks second in the league. “When we have an opportunity, we have to make that tackle and get off the field”. Trevor Siemian had 266 yards, the ground game picked up 134 and the defense did its usual job. Just like that, a three-point lead turned into a 10-point margin. The Denver D, meanwhile, has totaled 22 sacks, 56 QB hits and forced three fumbles in those five contests, while holding the opposition to an average of 16.8 points per game. Not good numbers for a team that has to have their quarterback play at a high level to win games. In 2013, the Colts defeated the Oakland Raiders in week one before a loss to the Dolphins the following week for another 1-1 start. To add sprinkles on top of an awesome hot fudge sundae already, the Raiders let one go earlier this afternoon as well as they fell to the Atlanta Falcons. “If we don’t have the first down, we don’t have the first down”. Siemian has thrown two interception on attempted screen passes and both of them were failures to adjust pre and post snap from Siemian. “I was thinking probably the same thing that was going through everybody else’s head at the time: It’s a Pick 6 and nobody is going to catch him”. You’ve gotta give a lot of credit to them.

And when you do, you pay – and start playing catch-up. Talib also joined an elite category of all-time greats with his ninth career pick-six, tied for fourth all-time with Deion Sanders, Aeneas Williams and Ken Houston. TJ Ward was sticking people hard all day. In past years it’s kind of been that same way where we have to do one more thing to win and we just have to make that play when it’s there. On the chance he had, Von Miller came up behind Luck and stripped the ball. Luck has now been sacked seven times in just two games. Luck scrambled for a 1st down but then drew and unnecessary roughness call on Denver, free 15 yards and the Colts had some momentum getting to Denver’s side of the field. Luck hit Phillip Dorsett for a 30-yard gain, hit Jack Doyle to get 1st and goal at the Denver 5 where Robert Turbin would punch it in for his touchdown as a Colt, 13 all. “You saw what happened after that”. Ryan Kelly had another great game only allowing one hurry.

If the Broncos could ever get ahead by two scores early in a game rather than wait around until the nervous final minutes to put a foe away, Harris vows the defense would force turnovers in bunches from a panicky quarterback and the rout would be on. So I think that had a lot to do with it. … “That was a great run on his part”. “We just wanted to get after them and make them throw something fast. We lost some more guys today but nobody is going to feel sorry for us”.

It was just one in a string of injuries that befell the Colts.

In Week 1, they couldn’t tackle. Or are they even better than before? The Broncos have the most disruptive defense in the National Football League, and the Colts were able to mount a 12-play and a 13-play touchdown drive in the second half.

-Broncos pass-rushing linebacker DeMarcus Ware suffered a broken bone in his right forearm but it’s not yet clear how much time, if any, that he’ll miss. Why waste our energy answering the question of the direction of the Colts when there is a one-man tribunal who will operate based upon his needs and desires. The Broncos were able to move the ball all game, but they struggled to convert in the red zone. He’s having a MRI done. So all the way until the MRI, I really didn’t know what the hell was wrong. Good will have a MRI on his back. That group includes defensive end Henry Anderson (knee surgery), cornerbacks Vontae Davis (ankle) and Patrick Robinson (concussion) and safeties Clayton Geathers (foot) and T.J. Green (sprained right knee). That’s an encouraging sign.

Nothing is better on a Sunday night than a Broncos’ win and a Chiefs’ loss. Let’s hope he can get in there.

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