Meet Allo: The messaging app that works as a personal assistant

Specifically, it’s functionally indistinguishable from any number of apps that have been around for years. Google announced the app in May, aiming to highlight the company’s push into artificial intelligence.

Drawback: Not everyone can figure out the Snapchat app due to its complicated design, and it takes a while finding all the new features.

For some folks, that isn’t going to be an issue although unscrupulous individuals or those concerned about their privacy would obviously have big problems with the Google Allo app. To do so, you can use the Incognito feature, which hides messages from everyone (including Google) except for you and the person you’re chatting with. Batchelder, who formerly directed Microsoft’s antivirus division, said that ultimately there should be no expectation of privacy with any messaging app.

There’s also an Incognito chat mode for end-to-end encryption and the chats disappear after sometime.

Edward Snowden says: Don’t use Allo.

Finally, it’s important to note that users can still experience an end-to-end encryption experience in Allo. Other conversations in Allo are still encrypted between the app and Google’s servers, but that means the tech company will be able to access the content of those messages. Other updates also make sure to prevent from Google Chrome app pilling up in tabs, since users now can view it right from Google Hangouts.

The smart reply feature analyzes your conversations and then suggests reply texts accordingly. Nobody’s confused about any of this.

Google’s Hangouts text and video calling service will be targeted at business users. While full SMS support would be preferred by many, this is a great way to invite users to the service while using it yourself.

While you can achieve the equivalent of ephemeral messages with iMessage by installing one of several apps, the option for self-destructing messages is built in to Allo, but only in Incognito Mode. It can handle queries and commands similar to the ones Siri addresses-for example, if you want to know about tomorrow’s weather or set a timer.

Google Assistant will do searches within a chat.

Google has been heavily criticised for making a number of changes to Allo prior to its release. Further, the social networking has gone saturated, with socializing limited to facebook and messaging limited to WhatsApp, the current User might not be interested in migrating their profiles. Asking Google Assistant to “find me a personal injury lawyer” just called up a list of local numbers and a map. This also works with Google Assistant. Following its debut on Allo, it will arrive on a smart speaker called Google Home this fall. Since setting up my Allo account, I have used Assistant for daily reminders and to mark in meetings on my Google Calendar. You can ask it anything and it will respond with the answer lifted from a webpage. Although, I won’t recommend you to do that.

I, for one, love this feature. So when you receive a photo of a dog, Allo loads responses like “adorable”. This feature also improves with time as it utilises machine-learning technology.

You can do fun things too, like play Rubik’s Cube or emoji trivia and other games, or ask the Assistant to tell jokes or read poems. The assistant will then give responses corresponding users’ requests or inquiries.

Smart Reply debuted for Google Inbox on November 3.

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