Can Chelsea recover from defensive crisis?

Eden Hazard rued the fact that Chelsea could not win a single game in the last three matches. Chelsea’s performance against their London rivals was enough to reduce him to tears.

More than anything, Chelsea’s overall defensive shape was bad last weekend.

Mikel would have gone on to become Chelsea’s longest serving player had Terry left the club, having joined the club in 2006 from Lyn.

Gary Cahill had another game to forget after being caught in possession by Alexis Sanchez for Arsenal’s second goal, while Branislav Ivanovic’s position is also vulnerable.

According to the Daily Telegraph Conte accused his side at half-time of being “spineless”.

A glance at the top of the Premier League table shows: Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Liverpool.

“As a team we didn’t answer anything the manager asked of us”, he told Chelsea’s official website.

Gary Cahill’s amateurish mistake saw the Gunners take the lead early on, with things going from bad to worse for Conte’s men as they slid to their first league defeat to Arsene Wenger’s men since 2011 courtesy of some overly generous defending.

But he confirmed he was “angry” and promised lessons would be learned from the defeat.

“We won the first game of the new season 6-0 (against West Bromwich Albion), but I was still summoned to Abramovich’s house that night to receive a ‘dressing down, ‘ as they say in England, for the performance”, Ancelotti recalled in his book, Quiet Leadership.

“It’s important to take this experience like an opportunity that if we want to come back very soon or fight for something important, it’s important to improve”.

I think if he (Conte) said no, then obviously the club would have done that, but I think the fans as well got right behind JT and the fans really wanted him to stay.

Failure to bring in proper defensive reinforcements over the summer is already hurting Chelsea, and now it is simply a waiting game for Zouma and Terry to return to fitness and for the January transfer window to open.

Chelsea owner Abramovich has largely backed his playing staff through a tumultuous 12 months at the club, in which he sacked Jose Mourinho and appointed Conte during the summer. When I don’t sleep, I reflect.

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