Jill Stein Campaigns In Orlando

“Bernie’s campaign energized so many young people”, she said. Ms. Stein’s only media exposure came when she arrived for an MSNBC interview, walked away, and was stopped by security guards who told her she lacked proper identification. But who would have imagined that it would be Jill Stein to turn the event into a circus before it even began?

A plurality of students in a recent Archway Newspaper poll say they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

Last week, Stein’s supporters vowed to get Stein onstage during the debate, despite not receiving an invitation.

During Thursday’s campaign stop at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota, Stein had a meet & greet and press conference before she spoke to the supporters in attendance about her campaign and the Green Party. That is what happened with early Democratic primary debates, when there were five candidates, and throughout the Republican debates, which featured multiple people on stage.

The campaign has also hired youth directors in swing states across the country to lead the charge registering and courting voters on more than 280 college campuses. Although Stein did file with IN as a candidate, she is now not on the ballot. The right to vote does not have a party requirement, a ideological requirement or even a “lesser of two evils” requirement.

“Who is my favorite -” Johnson said.

But contrary to what many enthusiasts argue, third-party candidates are not being held back by their absence from debates.

For Sarasota resident Eric Castle, a registered Democrat, the presidential election will be the first time he votes for a third-party candidate.

According to USA Today, Stein and her team complied, but she’s planning on marching later with the “hundreds” of supporters who plan on protesting the debate for not including third party candidates.

Stein is now polling around 3 or 4 percent. “We are expecting they will be unsuccessful”, Figueroa told the outlet. For some, voting is reduced to choosing the candidate they dislike the least.

While Hillary Clinton, 68, and Donald Trump, 70, went at each other from inside the debate room, Dr. Stein took to Twitter to slam her fellow candidates! Ralph Nader’s 3 percent of the vote in 2000 might have been just enough to cost Al Gore the election.

Monmouth University released its latest poll on September 26, the day of the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.

Let’s be exceedingly generous for a moment, and assume Johnson and Stein will double their 2012 record results in New Mexico. Nevertheless, many are either undecided or so turned off by both major candidates that they may decide not to vote at all.

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