Pro-Brexit Conservatives hand PM plan to limit EU immigration

However, there are many indications the United Kingdom is heading for a “hard Brexit” that would take the country out of the single market and the customs union.

The move toward a unified European Union army now being spearheaded by the anti-British former Belgium Prime Minister who has been appointed to lead Brexit negotiations.

A recent report revealed that eight major universities in the North – including Leeds, Sheffield and York – receive European Union research funding worth £127m a year.

The report was compiled by Conservative grandees including Iain Duncan Smith, Sir William Cash, Peter Lilley and John Redwood and is now being circulated in Whitehall.

“What we think the British government wants I can tell you straight away is not what the continental Europeans are willing or even able to give – then it will be relatively short negotiations”, he told the BBC.

“It is in both sides’ interest to reach an earlier agreement to reduce business uncertainty”, he said.

This makes things incredibly awkward for May as Britain will likely have to enter the two-year negotiation period with no assurances over what sort of deal it can reach. “Trade will revert to World Trade Organization rules”.

“To those who are trying to frighten British workers, saying “When we leave, employment rights will be eroded”, I say firmly and unequivocally “no they won’t”, the newspaper said he will tell members at the Conservative Party conference.

“But when the United Kingdom decides the opening of Article 50 we will discuss about this”.

Quizzed on what sort of exit deal he wanted to see, Mr Johnson said: “I am confident that we can get a deal that is exhilarating for this country, that is a massive opportunity and that liberates us to champion free trade round the world”.

ITV’s political editor reported that the May government’s plan will be to enshrine all European Union rules and legislation in British law after Brexit, and then abolish unnecessary laws in subsequent years.

Meanwhile, a German business boss said Britain had to pursue a hard Brexit if it wants control over immigration.

While EU migrants should come under the same work permit and cap system as the rest of the world, students, EU tourists and intra-company transfers would be exempt.

Workers from Europe are collectively the biggest group of “white-collar” migrants to the United Kingdom, ahead of the USA, accounting for just under a fifth, and Asia, accounting for 14 per cent.

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats and current European Union spokesman, Nick Clegg, called Mr. Fox “delusional”.

She added: “I think my concern at the moment is that from government all we’re hearing from is people like Liam Fox, who are talking in a way which at times concerns me as nearly delusional”.

It said the United Kingdom economy would have grown by 1.9% in 2016, 2.1% in 2017, and 2% the year after if Britain had not voted to leave the EU.

“Nobody who understands trade law could have possibly have said what he said”, he told an MLex Competition conference.

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