The Little-Known Presidential Candidate Who Could Make Some History

Voters are frustrated with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and while he’s a longshot third-party candidate, Evan McMullin, has risen to challenge the big names in his home state of Utah.

Trump and Clinton are tied with 26 percent support in the poll with McMullin close behind at 22 percent. He was born in Provo, graduated from Brigham Young University and is a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “But on most things, we overlap fairly well”. Each counts the support of roughly a quarter of the Utah electorate; Libertarian Gary Johnson is trailing behind, at 15 percent. “We have had direct communication with every leader in Utah who has either not supported Trump previously or has since unendorsed Trump”. Following the release of the video a host of Utah Republican officials abandoned Trump, some calling on him to drop out of the presidential campaign. “I believe that Donald Trump is wholly unfit to be president”. Yet, because the fight for Utah’s electoral votes is fought entirely within Utah’s borders, an unusual quirk about this one state could potentially award Utah’s electoral votes to one of the least popular politicians in Utah. In 2008, the Republican John McCain easily defeated Obama in Utah by 28 percentage points.

She said Idaho can play a definite role in getting McMullin into office, one factor being the strong family connections between people in Utah and Idaho.

Kaine said he’d prefer a Clinton win but noted that a McMullin victory would still be “a plus for us”, by denying Trump the state’s six electoral votes. Do you expect this to matter, or will Clinton likely win enough votes to make it just a footnote?

“What we saw in Mr. Trump’s very casual way of just discarding other human beings, just had us deeply concerned that this is a pattern of objectifying not just women but all people for his purposes”, said Paul Edwards, the paper’s editor and publisher.

In speaking with the Standard Journal, Rasmussen expressed her feeling that the US has one candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has experience but is corrupt, and one candidate “who’s no more than a reality TV show personality”.

Chaffetz echoed Herbert’s concerns in an interview saying that he “can not support in any way, shape or form the comments or approach” that Trump has taken, adding that he wants “someone of high moral values” to be president. His platform focuses on traditional Republican issues such as supporting free trade and national security, but he’s also “been critical of Trump on immigration, refugees, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and on temperament and fitness to be president”, FiveThirtyEight reported.

Thanks to a third-party candidate, Trump could feasibly lose one of the reddest states in the country. “While I can not vote for Hillary Clinton, I will not vote for Trump”, wrote Herbert in a tweet.

Donald Trump continues to campaign in the key swing state of Florida, while Clinton holds rallies in Colorado and Nevada.

“Trump’s lost votes won’t flow to Clinton, and she’d need them to overcome her current deficit”, Walton said.

“We are on our way up, and an bad lot of people are on their way out for Mr. Trump”, Andrew McCullough, chairman of the Utah Libertarian party, told International Business Times in a July phone interview.

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