Trump Campaign Will Release “Evidence” To Refute Sexual Assault Allegations

Pence also reiterated Trump’s claim from the debate that if elected, he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton and the Clinton Foundation because of the email scandal. While Trump said the video was just talk and he had never behaved in this way, multiple women subsequently went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against the NY real estate magnate going back three decades.

Ending an intensely negative debate on a high (er) note, a man in the audience asked if Clinton and Trump could each state one thing that they respected about each other.

As Donald Trump’s campaign reels over tapes of the presidential candidate’s sexually aggressive comments about women in 2005, the Republican nominee now trails Hillary Clinton by double digits among likely voters, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

“So, I’m looking forward to the debate and I know he’ll be ready for it”.

Trump also threatened to sue the New York Times over an article the newspaper published in which two women alleged that he touched them inappropriately. She was talking about Donald Trump’s words in campaign commercials.

“Donald Trump has asserted that all of these recent unsubstantiated allegations are categorically false, and I do believe him”, Pence told “CBS This Morning”.

Trump has spent more and more time at his rallies denying allegations of groping since a video from 2005 became public a week ago showing him bragging about groping and making unwanted sexual advances.

“Oh I got real excited!” said Cathrine Parker, who volunteers at the Trump Headquarters. “Now suddenly after many, many years, phony accusers come out less than a month before one of the most important elections in the history of our country”.

Among Indiana voters likely to cast ballots in November’s presidential election, 45% now support Trump and 41% back Clinton. “When she was in Canada she called for a system just like theirs”, Pence said referring to the country’s centralized healthcare system.

Indiana’s governor said the Trump campaign would not allow “the Clinton machine or their allies in the national media” to change the focus of the election from the issues that matter.

On Sunday, while candidates were meant to be addressing voters’ questions, it took only 10 minutes before the video footage of Trump was discussed and 17 minutes before he brought up Bill Clinton’s infidelities.

Trump and Pence have an uphill fight in Virginia, which has voted for Democrat Barack Obama in the last two presidential elections.

The beauty of this proposal, the authors say, again in all sincerity, is that “Americans inclined to vote Republican but who are unwilling to support Mr. Trump would be able to vote for him in name only, with the understanding that he was just a placeholder”.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared “Enough!” in a Facebook post, adding, “Donald Trump should not be President”.

Everyone waited with bated breath to see how Trump would respond to questions about the lewd recordings, in which he talked about grabbing women “by the pussy” and how they didn’t mind because “he’s a star”.

Trump Said Hillary Has “Hate in Her Heart.” “These people are sick”.

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