Trump denies sexual assault allegations at rally

With eight women accusing Trump of unwanted kissing, groping or more, the NY businessman maintained his innocence and his denunciation of opponent Hillary Clinton and an worldwide media conspiracy aimed at denying him the White House.

“The only thing I can say is hopefully, hopefully, our patriotic movement will overcome this bad deception”, he declared.

“Trump received a record number of votes out here in the southwest suburbs during the primary”, said Morrison, who is the GOP committeeman of Palos Township and also serves as Cook County commissioner of the 17 District.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate.

“After many, many years, even many decades, without complaint, the media and the Clinton campaign have brought forward false allegations less than a month before the most important election in modern times”, Trump said in Charlotte.

Moments later Summer Zervos, a contestant on Trump’s former reality show, The Apprentice, issued a personal statement about being sexually harassed by the businessman in 2007 after the season concluded.

“He’s a far superior choice than Hillary Clinton”, said Sean Morrison, chairman of the Cook County Republican Party. “And the Clintons know it”, Trump said Thursday in Florida.

Clinton aides say in the emails that Hillary Clinton did not want her husband to cancel the speech but was eventually convinced.

He said Slim, as a donor to the Clinton Foundation charity who also holds a 17.35 percent stake in the Times, has an interest in helping her White House campaign. He better be careful because they could say it about anybody.

The Democrats have a corrupt political machine pushing crooked Hillary Clinton.

“He offends Democrats and Republicans and I think that’s why he appeals to real people”, Morrison said.

Polls suggest Mr Trump is losing ground in some of the key battleground states.

The torrent of allegations against Trump was unleashed by last Friday’s release of audio from 2005 in which Trump bragged that he could get away with grabbing women’s crotches because he’s famous.

According to him, if just a sliver of voters believe those allegations which he describes as just the “locker room talk”, he will lose the election.

“Over time, because a lot of the hard-core Republican partisan voters were just hearing this stuff over and over again, they started to believe it”.

“I was sitting alone by myself and then I went wah to somebody”, Trump said, motioning to his side as he attempted to re-enact Anderson’s account of his behavior. She said she was later offered a low-paying job at a Trump-owned golf course. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. “It’s like, it’s like unbelievable”, he said.

The Republican rift deepened on Monday when the house of represenatives speaker Paul Ryan told hundreds of fellow party legislators that he would no longer defend Mr Trump.

Donald Trump cut his routine $2 million monthly check to his campaign last September after repeatedly suggesting that he would increase his donations during the campaign’s stretch run.

His campaign did not specify how much of the money was raised by his campaign versus the committees, which must split proceeds with the Republican National Committee and more than 20 state parties.

Donald Trump has accused “sick media” of fabricating stories about a slew of women who have made similar accusations in recent days. On Friday night, a videotape surfaced in which Trump made lewd comments about touching women without their consent. “She is a liar”. She said the assault was random and occurred with “zero conversation”. And polls say people do not trust Clinton – really!

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