Massachusetts Begins Early Voting For The First Time

In addition to the presidential race, MA voters on Election Day will decide four ballot initiatives, including legalizing marijuana and building more charter schools.

MA residents seized on the chance to cast their ballot early, streaming into voting locations across the state more than two weeks before Election Day.

This comes as Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos announces a record number of registered voters at more than 15 million.

Throughout McLennan County there are 5 of early voting locations you can cast your ballot at.

Early voting starts in many Florida counties Monday. In the 2000 election, 16 percent of voters cast their ballots early. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh showed up to cast his vote shortly before 1 p.m., taking his place at the end of the line and chatting up fellow voters as he slowly inched his way toward the polls.

“We have eight participating United Supermarkets, which will be open for early voting from 8 8 p.m. from now to November 4, except on October 30”.

“You’re going to disenfranchise people”, said Texas Senator John Whitmire, D – Houston, on the opposing side of the debate in 2011.

Hillary Clinton sought on Monday to cement her lead over Republican White House rival Donald Trump, looking to conquer swing states including Florida and OH where early voting has already begun.

“We want to ensure everyone who wants to vote gets the opportunity to do so in the easiest, most convenient manner possible”, said Skiles.

This is the third Presidential cycle with early voting.

Early voting for Texas Tech and the Lubbock County starts today. Registered voters can go to any early voting location in the city or town of their residence, and election officials should have their information.

Latham said if someone is 65 year old or older, or is disabled, they can have ballot mailed to them.

Any registered voter may vote early in person.

Early voting was recently reinstated in North Carolina, after a federal court struck down the state’s voter ID law.

MA joins 32 other states that allow early voting.

“Other countries have higher rates of turnout than the United States but nearly no country has had less fraud”, said Professor Suri. For the most party, those voters reflect the overall profile of the vote by mail electorate.

Just remember – if you’re having problems while voting, ask for help before you cast the ballot. “So, red, yellow, green tells you whether there is a red (long line) or green (short line)”, she said. They are scanned into the statewide computer system as voted to ensure those voters only vote that one ballot.

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