Pokémon Go is giving you tricks and treats this Halloween

The Pokemon Go for Android version 0.43.3 brings new Pokemon type icons to the information screen.

Niantic, predictably, haven’t responded for comment, but the marked proliferation of lure modules being used in Wellington – on a frigid day no less – suggest I’m not the only one who’s been, err, caught.

This is the first ever in-game event for Pokémon Go.

There are also big candy incentives to getting out to play, just like real Halloween!

Soon, however, millions of active Pokemon GO users opted to leave the game, with many citing the lack of features in the app and repetitive gameplay as the main reason behind their departure. The company is already experiencing active game losses so coming up with another bust of an update is the last thing that they want to do on the augmented reality game. One of those upcoming improvements looks like it may be a Pokemon GO daily quest system to motivate more daily logins. Thus, third-party apps for Pokemon Go were born. You’ll also notice more Drowzee and Zubat Pokemon as well – though it’s unclear why, as they aren’t exactly frightening.

You can add these Spooky Pokemon to your Pokedex as they will be rare to catch after Halloween. Niantic’s suspected goal is to make most of the old players of Pokemon GO to play the game again. Pokemon Go generated more than US$600 million (S$836.2 million) in revenue through the end of September, setting a record as the fastest mobile game to hit that figure, according to market-research firm App Annie. The news says it has added a lot of notification features and new egg patterns. The code indicates that there will be three possible daily quests: First Catch of the Day, First PokeStop of the Day and an Unknown quest. Also, it seems likely some dude will try to walk 100km over those six days to power up his Magikarp.

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