Two death penalty propositions on the ballot this election

“In Arizona, taxpayers spend millions of dollars annually to arrest, prosecute, cite and process thousands of people – disproportionately Latinos and African-Americans – for possessing small amounts of marijuana”, the letter states.

This all comes after California already voted to loosen its marijuana laws back in 2011, reducing the penalty for low-level weed crimes from a misdemeanor to a handcuff-free parking ticket-esque infraction.

The measure would protect employer rather than employee rights, allowing companies to hire and fire based on drug tests.

Arizonans should just say “NO” to those who want our state to volunteer itself for this statewide drug experiment.

Robin Schaeffer is Executive Director of the Arizona Nurses Association.

“They’re wonderful if you need a bag, but I think they are a disadvantage to the environment”, said Mary Copeland, a Bakersfield resident.

But it leaves some other limits up to state regulators. Many have already started passing laws in anticipation of Prop. 64, with 62 local measures related to marijuana on the ballot November 8. Prop. 205 has found itself up against a wealthy opponent and a stiff 15 percent retail tax on cannabis.

The city’s restrictions add to those detailed in the state proposition-the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)-and apply exclusively to personal marijuana growing and use. “In Colorado, there are even cookies and sweets filled with marijuana by unscrupulous merchants”.

As of September 16, $4 million was donated to support Prop 66 and $5.3 million to oppose it. Donations to support Prop 66 are from California Correctional Peace Officers, Peace Officers Research Association of California, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Los Angeles Police Protective League and Henry Nicholas. Prop 205 does neither.

“Rather than forcing school districts into looking at less-expensive and more targeted ways to place much-needed investment into our schools, continuing to approve bond measures only encourages greater public indebtedness.” said Orange County Register.

“This has been a disaster in Colorado”.

“Marijuana use among our students soared, often in the form of edibles that look like candy”, the woman identified as “Dr. Davis” says in the ad.

Even the married couple who decides to publish their sexcapades for money on the internet is open to litigation from the public, should they choose not to use protection. “Once you get past the enforcement and the bureaucracy and the social costs, this is a financial loser”.

Miadich said the tax rates set by Proposition 64 are just starting points. So if your town has a medical marijuana facility, it can not prevent recreational marijuana from being sold there.

FullCircle is a ministry serving families with teens/young adults struggling with a range of issues that can challenge the very foundation of any household.

Supporters say Prop 61 is the best way to change the system.

Prop 57 allows state prison inmates convicted of serious felony offenses to be considered for fast-tracked release after they serve the term of their primary offense, including good time credit.

Recently The Discount Tire Co. donated $1 million to oppose Proposition 205. Although Suhr’s niece graduated from high school early and once dreamed of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, those dreams have been sidelined as she struggles to overcome her addiction. But studies increasingly suggest that, while marijuana consumption may pose some risks for young people and the mentally ill, responsible use appears to have little impact on healthy adults.

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