Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: Election polls maintain Clinton lead over Trump

In a news release, UNF pollster Mike Binder says the head-to-head results have “tightened considerably” since a similar poll in early October. With the most recent contribution, Trump has donated $66 million to his campaign since launching it 18 months ago.

And, if a Democratic-controlled Senate and Clinton White House weren’t enough to scare Republicans, a pro-Clinton super PAC is now trying to do something that, in 2015, was considered impossible: A Democratic takeover of the House. That’s more than double the $68 million the Republican’s campaign and partnership committees had on hand.

The filings, the last that will be made prior to the November 8 election show the Clinton campaign and joint accounts it has with the Democratic party had $153 million in the bank last week.

“Today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country”, Trump said.

“I wanted to be there for my children, who worked so hard on the hotel”, Trump said. “That’s where we’re focusing on our final push”.

Four years earlier, Obama and Arizona Sen. “You believed in me, and I believed in you”. “I think that’s been a problem all along”.

In a poll carried out by US Today/Suffolk University, Ms Clinton with 47 per cent leads Mr Trump by nine percentage points.

ME and Nebraska are the only two states in the country that divvy some of their electoral votes up by congressional district. “We’re going to win and we’re going to bring back a lot of good things, including common sense to the White House”.

“With less than two weeks until Election Day, Trump has fallen seven points behind Clinton in a four-way race in which Gary Johnson garners six percent of the vote and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein is supported by three percent”.

The poll also showed Republican U.S. Sen. Trump claims the hotel is a symbol of what he’ll do for America, noting it was completed “under budget and on schedule”.

Young Hispanics are 8 percentage points more likely to say they’re going to vote, while independents are 7 percentage points more likely to say so. Russian Federation was also the only country that thinks Trump will win the election.

Trump seized on newly public emails in which longtime Bill Clinton aide Doug Band describes overlapping relationships of the Clintons’ global philanthropy and the family’s private enrichment.

Betfair’s market shows Clinton with an 82% chance of winning compared to 18% for Donald Trump. As she tried to make this point, the crowd erupted into singing her “Happy Birthday”.

The New York-based billionaire said his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, 69, has not contributed any money from her personal finances.

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