Hillary Clinton holds narrow lead over Donald Trump

He said the Democrats are voting in favor of their candidate while more Republicans are voting against their opponent than are voting for Trump.

The numbers from the state elections office only provide registration information about the voters – not how they actually voted.

Overall, the poll shows Clinton leading Trump nationally by a staggering 14 percentage points among likely voters, 51-37.

“Secretary Clinton is building a substantial lead among the early voters in our sample”, Wagner said in a prepared statement.

A Bloomberg poll out on Wednesday put Trump 45-to 43 percent among likely voters in Florida, a must-win state for him. Sixty-one percent of likely voters polled say they’re anxious about the possibility of Trump as president, with almost half “very” anxious. Consider this: Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight shows Clinton has a better chance of winning Texas than Trump does of winning the nation. Among these voters, it’s tied – Clinton 48%, Trump 48%, with Johnson at four percent (4%). Just 7,043 voters had cast ballots in the deep-red Delaware County – nearly half the number cast by the same time in 2012. The two evenly split women with 45 percent each.

“Of course I believe it’s rigged, and of course I won’t accept the results”, said Mike Cannilla, 53, a Trump supporter from the NY borough of Staten Island. Marco Rubio of Florida, say, or Ohio Gov. John Kasich – would be trouncing Clinton.

Weld described Trump as possessing “intellectual quickness” and “panache”, which he called “entertaining”.

When compared to the survey taken three weeks ago, Clinton lost two points and Trump gained two.

Among Trump’s supporters, 49 percent in the latest poll said they believed Trump would win, down from 67 percent who felt that way at the beginning of the month. Sign up now by texting TEXAS VOTES to 69866. “This poll has an even distribution of Democrats and Republicans, however, in this election, democrats are outperforming their historical norms in absentee and early voting”. Almost two-thirds (63%) say they have little or no confidence the election will be fair, while just 36% have at least a fair amount of confidence in this.

But according to a Fox News poll, Clinton has a narrow lead of just three-point, at 44-41 percent.

The presidential candidates and dozens of outside groups involved in the race are also due to file their final major fundraising reports before Election Day. Clinton leads by 10 points among women; Trump is ahead by nine among men. But they point to his large rallies and enthusiastic supporters as an indication he could be poised for an upset. A fifth of Clinton’s supporters and a quarter of Democrats are anxious about her as president. “Whether they can see a doctor when they’re sick”.

The AP-GfK poll suggests Clinton’s advantage is about more than just voter dislike for Trump.

If the candidate you dislike more is Donald Trump, these websites might have a solution for you.

Eighty-seven percent (87%) say they are certain already of how they will vote. Just 34 percent of all likely voters have a favorable view of Trump.

Trump’s unpopularity has opened surprising opportunities for Clinton as the White House race barrels toward its finish.

Florida almost lost some of its voter registration time due to the recent hurricane shutting much of the state down, but that hasn’t stopped the Sunshine State from having massive early voter turnout of their own – especially in Democratic-leaning counties.

Trump, however, has on many occasions praised both Bill and Hillary Clinton for their relationship with the black community.

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune internet survey of 1,200 registered voters was conducted from October 14 to October 23 and has an overall margin of error of +/- 2.83 percentage points. It has a margin of error of +/- 2.2%.

Respondents were first selected randomly using telephone or mail survey methods and later interviewed online.

Somewhat smaller majorities think it is very important for those who lose elections to recognize the legitimacy of the winners (65%), and for news organizations to be free to criticize political leaders (61%).

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