Republicans Have Edge Over Dems In Florida Early Voting

Ms. Day said she believes the convenience and ease of early voting, where voters can come in and vote without waiting in line, is bringing people out to town hall. So by the end of a long day of voting, the machines aren’t as accurate as they were in the morning. “This is an incredible testament to the rising popularity of Early Voting”, Cook County Clerk David Orr said.

Four years ago, OH voters had 35 days to cast an early vote before OH lawmakers in 2014 eliminated the co-called “Golden Week” that cut the practice of registering to vote and voting on the same day during the first week of early voting. Democrats argued it benefited African-American voters during presidential years.

“We are optimistic, we look at it on a day-to-day basis”, Davis said. “That’s why you saw Hillary Clinton in Cleveland last week”.

So make time to cast that ballot.

Votes for down-ballot Republican candidates weren’t affected, according to the Dallas News. More than 915,000 Ohioans have requested absentee ballots but had yet to fill them out – a source of heartburn for both parties.

Election Day is November 8th. In all, more than 46 million people – or as much as 40 percent of the electorate – are expected to vote before Election Day.

But in-person turnout has been strong in Democratic-heavy Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. He’s even encouraging his voters to volunteer to be poll-watchers.

With about 22,000 voters, the county has received approximately 1,800 advance ballot by mail applications.

Still, voters are lacking enthusiasm in many corners of the state. They included 110,338 Tarrant County voters in 2016 and 87,172 in 2008, election records show.

In every recent election, there have been reports of voters pressing one candidate’s name on a touch-screen machine, only to have the opponent’s name light up instead. “They think they’re voting on candidates or the president only”.

Almost 70 percent of all Nevada ballots were cast early in 2012; Obama won the state by 6 percentage points. That’s good news for the GOP in a purple county that Obama won twice. She said five machines have so far been taken out of service. Some 49,568 mail-in ballots have been returned.

Democrats enjoy a slight advantage over Republicans among early voters in several critical battleground states, according to election data recently analyzed by CNN. Officials have attributed those to the surging voter turnout-which analysts have also identified as a big factor in Texas’ toss-up status.

Meantime, early voting is already underway at the Registrar of Voters located at 5600 Overland Ave., San Diego, 92123 on the County Operations Center campus. They’ve been voting by machine, Cox said. “Suburban Republicans are not for Donald Trump”.

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