KRAVITZ: Interview with Kansas City Star reporter Terez Paylor

The team released the him after week four this season.

I know some of you are in the same boat or have significant others or family members that like to hog the TV, forcing you to find other ways to enjoy the game. “Obviously, to jump out like that and to not finish it off, it was tough looking back at”. He wobbled after standing, and despite pleading his case he has been taken to the locker room for examination. “Guys all hung together”. Luck is in serious danger of getting hurt and that could derail the franchise.

“They don’t give it away, they take care of it”. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in some of his fundamentals.

Granted, narrative tends to focus on intangibles, and the tangibles tend to matter more on game day.

And so we shift our attention to the most important tangibles. This is a division that is up for grabs, and beating the Chiefs would be a huge confidence booster.

That helps explain why Indianapolis has been tied or trailed in the fourth quarter of every game this season – making Luck’s ability to rally in clutch time all the more significant.

And after a slow September, it’s the Colts (3-4) who are trying to learn from some of the lessons Kansas City provided last season.

Defensively, Phillip Gaines clutched a key interception at the end of the first half, leading to Smith’s lone touchdown throw.

“The important thing is that he keeps firing, right?” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who will face Luck on Sunday and coached a young Brett Favre more than two decades ago in Green Bay.

At first blush, it would appear the Chiefs have their work cut out for them this weekend.

This is a team that stays out of its own way. The Colts have had many problems since the season kicked off with injuries, a 4th quarter collapse in a game that ended in a loss and overall ineffectiveness on defense. They lead the league in pass interference flags (11), and false starts (16). The Colts on the other hand have the least amount of interceptions in the National Football League (per game.) Like most games, I would be pretty surprised if Alex Smith throws an interception in this game.

Also playing Sunday: Arizona at Carolina, New York Jets at Cleveland, Kansas City at Indianapolis, Seattle at New Orleans, Oakland at Tampa Bay and San Diego at Denver. The reduced workload came after he recorded 11 touches in 15 snaps in the Chiefs’ 26-10 win over Oakland on October 16, his second game of the season. They’re now looking up at the defending AFC South champion Texans in the division and badly need a win against Kansas City to finally break even at.500 in a roller-coaster season. This really feels like a game that will be determined by mistakes, or a lack thereof.

It’s not that the division isn’t “win-able” for the Colts.

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