Trump tweets Trump U deal helps him focus on US

Over and over are recycled phrases describing the shocking, unexpected and surprising win.

This perspective illustrates also how many on the left have completely failed to understand what precipitated Trump’s election in the first place – not racism, but a complex mix of factors including the sense that many Americans felt ignored by the political and pundit class. It featured a reduced role for America as a world leader.

A quarter of Trump voters said he was not qualified to be president, yet still voted for him to lead the country. That judgment was, at a minimum, premature. They begin vetting potential appointees to office.

The White House Correspondents Association called the evasion “unacceptable”.

On that last point, in terms of the election you argue that the best explanation as to why people supported Trump instead of Clinton was not economic issues, but people’s attitudes towards race and Muslims.

After Donald Trump won the election, many parents grappled with how they would explain the president-elect’s victory to their children. She found herself unable to assemble an electoral coalition for victory and lost a number of states that Obama himself had won.

Wake up to the fact that millions of us elected a president who values one set of humans more than others. In a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted earlier this month, 42 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Clinton compared to 56 percent who had an unfavorable one. Mitt Romney opposed him.

There is much unpleasant reality for Democrats to deal with right now, starting with this: The GOP controls virtually everything.

I believe the Democrat National Committee cheated Sanders; they used voter suppression tactics to nominate Clinton, someone so unpopular and yet allegedly “electable”.

The Democratic Party-in a related context-justified the loss of its candidate in the presidential race by accusing the FBI Director James Comey of submitting a request to the Congress to examine some of Clinton’s emails and their impact on USA national security, aiming to deliberately reduce her chances of becoming the next president. They are willing to cherry-pick from the Constitution (which guarantees freedom of speech and to practice your religion) as they see fit and edit as needed. “Our job is to give them answers and we will”. However, they did not do that.

Donald Trump was the most disliked presidential candidate in recent history, but the results of a new Gallup poll show the president-elect has seen an improvement in his favorability rating since his stunning upset of Hillary Clinton. Some of the nation’s most diverse and populous states, including Texas and Florida, are living under one-party Republican rule.

The Republican Party is so splintered – the establishment, the tea party wing, the fiscal tightwads, the defense hawks, the social conservatives, the libertarians and now the Trumpistas – that sometimes I think of it as Afghanistan: with each faction having its own warlords and grievances and goals. His capable and experienced Vice-president-elect, Mike Pence, should be of enormous help in that regard.

Officials are “making good on President-elect Trump’s promise that we’re not going to have any lobbyists involved with the transition efforts”.

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks with his daughters Sasha (L) and Malia during the annual turkey pardoning ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House November 25, 2015 in Washington, DC.

When Stahl asked Trump if he wants to say anything to his supporters, Trump looked at the camera and said, “Stop it”.

He echoed the same sentiment he told a defeated and somber West Wing staff the morning after Trump was elected president. If he is pragmatic, he may actually be able to get things done.

What we have to remember as well is that most voters were not gleefully skipping to the voting booths, with many trying to decide between two very flawed candidates.

Both camps need to grow up.

In cities across the nation, protesters have taken to the streets carrying signs that read “Not my president”.

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