National Football League ratings soar on 1st Sunday after voting

So New England went conservative, and the result was a final drive that stalled at Seattle’s 1-yard line. “They haven’t lost too many games here and to be able to come here and play a great football game – that’s what you want on Sunday Night Football and it was a battle until the end”. When he was asked about the crowd noise in Foxborough, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wasn’t impressed. While that’s just over three yards per carry, the key with him and Patriots success is ball-control. But on Sunday, the Seahawks’ ability to move the ball on the ground when they wanted to was a huge factor in pulling out this victory. But Seattle’s defense squashed three straight running plays and thwarted a fourth down toss from Tom Brady to tight end Rob Gronkowski in the end zone to preserve the victory. It’s it’s not (pass interference) to the refs then it’s not (pass interference) to the refs…. “Everybody in this game is athletic, is an athletic freak, and has the athletic capability to play at a high level”.

When officials ruled Prosise down at the 1, Carroll chose to challenge the play. But, obviously, he prefers Seattle, where Seahawks fans twice set a since broken Guinness World Record for loudest crowd noise at a sporting even and twice registered a magnitude 1 or 2 natural disaster on stadium seismometers. Chancellor also separated Julian Edelman from the ball, leading to Seattle’s last touchdown. But of course, that could mean giving Russell Wilson time to get the Seahawks in field goal range. Blount had already scored two short-yardage touchdowns and may have hard a third had it not been for Chancellor’s tackle. The final two games in a day full of of heart-pounding action – Dallas over Pittsburgh and Seattle over New England – each including seven lead changes, a first in National Football League history.

The challenge was overruled, though, with Carroll saying officials simply told him, “He didn’t make it and they weren’t going to overturn the call”.

Between that spectacle of a game we saw on Sunday night and Carroll’s comments above, you can’t help but imagine how awesome a Super Bowl rematch would be between the two teams. That made for a dramatic moment when Chancellor and Lucas lined up across from each other again. Marcus Lucas was the guy he went against in practice to give us the look and Kam slammed the ball and went insane in practice just because it was that moment.

“That’s the same play we always go to”, Baldwin said.

“We’ve just got to go out there and play better”, said Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty. “And at that point, we got down to the 1, and three shots from the 1-yard line, you’d like to believe we could score at that point”. Not surprisingly, however, there was thought behind sneaking it twice on the goal line.

Pete Carroll is not impressed with the intimidation factor at Gillette Stadium.

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