Seattle Seahawks fans smile as New England fans complain about play-calling

The 2016 season marks the first time since 2012 that the Patriots will lose more than one home game.

They should have run the ball.

Marshawn Lynch had been unstoppable, but why take the easy way to a championship?

Carroll said most of the heckling had to do with the way Super Bowl XLIX ended with Malcolm Butler’s interception of Russell Wilson. Maybe two fumbles? Maybe 10 rushes for 10 yards? This one gave the Seahawks a short field and set up their final touchdown. Even for Brady, who was red-hot in the fourth quarter, that’s a lot to ask.

“The mentality in believing that you’re going to get it done, remaining confident, finding the confidence that it takes to execute well, comes from experience and really good leadership”, Carroll said. He’s just a freaking stud, and he just did it again. We’ve been assuming the Patriots are a Super-Bowl champion in waiting. The Pats have only one takeaway in their last four games, and seven of the season’s nine takeaways came in a two-week stretch against the Dolphins and Texans in September. Seattle failed on a 2-point conversion and their lead was 31-24. I can draw just one conclusion: They still have a lot of the Jets in them and when they get together, the vibes must be bad.

Head coach Bill Belichick is looking for a more complete effort, not only on defense, but in all phases of the game against the 49ers. Remember the postgame handshake that day between Belichick and Mike McCarthy? It just needs to be a little bit better against a good team like Seattle. While Brady is not directly telling fans of the Patriots to get “lubed up”, his reference to Gillette Stadium’s maximum capacity.

Tom Brady implied that he is looking forward to seeing the crowd in full force.

Huge moment, and the Seahawks did what they’ve normally done: They trusted quarterback Russell Wilson and receiver Doug Baldwin. Kick the extra point and go up eight? “Hopefully, this week it’s good enough”. He went for two. “Here we go”, Carroll said.

Belichick wouldn’t say whether Brady checked into the quarterback sneak after seeing what the defense was giving him.

Wilson finished 25 for 37 for 348 yards and the three scores to Baldwin. The lead remained at seven.

“Kam slammed the ball and went insane”, Carroll said. Now, they will have to get by without arguably their best player, starting with Sunday’s game at the New York Giants. He never got the chance. Gronkowski was lined up off the ball on fourth-and-goal from the 1. He didn’t make that decision on his own.

New England’s offense is fantastic, but the team’s lack of balance could become costly in the playoffs.

“It was just some situational football”. As it turns out, the Patriots were trying not to score, attempting to leave little time on the clock for the Seahawks. Today, Seattle’s defense simply would not be denied. Every play is competitive. Not considering to throw an interception in 2016 was a insane streak that Brady possibly didn’t realize he had going. The Seahawks held Tom Brady to zero passing touchdowns while forcing his first interception of the year.

On second-and-goal, LeGarrette Blount rushed for no gain.

On third down came another sneak, this time Brady mishandling the snap and tackled for a one-yard girl with Cassius Marsh getting credit for the tackle. Damn near everything worked (except for the WTF red zone fades to Jermaine Kearse). Kam Chancellor was all over him and the pass fell incomplete. And, considering the very high level at which both teams can play, the Patriots got outflanked. The Patriots have the second-highest average ticket price, and also the second-highest on the secondary market.

But to Carroll it was an easy call.

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