For Trump and GOP, ‘Obamacare’ repeal is complex and risky

So, why does the GOP executioner suddenly look so hesitant? Republicans will grow increasingly timid about anything that might anger voters. They plan to not only repeal the law but are contemplating changes that are significantly more far-reaching and could disrupt insurance coverage for many more Americans than did the original law. “You could have a scenario here where the Republicans defund Obamacare, and they’re unable to get 60 votes”, and Congress temporarily maintains funding for ACA programs by a series of continuing resolutions, he said.

What are we going to do? “I would absolutely get rid of ObamaCare”.

With Donald Trump taking control of the White House and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, there could be significant changes made to the Affordable Care Act during the next year. There is simply no way to get the goodies of Obamacare without some cost or trade off.

The RAND Corp. estimates the death of ObamaCare will add $6 billion to the deficit in the first year it is gone. Obamacare allowed states to expand who could sign up for Medicaid, with the federal government covering the tab. “As was expected and promised by the ACA, we’ve seen charity care drop significantly in our hospitals, which was the way it was supposed to work. that balance, for the most part, has occurred, and we’d hate to see that thrown out”. This will end up translating into more people being uninsured. That’s a lot of money and enough to deter some people from signing up.

Wall Street has reacted to that possibility.

Joshua Stockley, a professor of political science, said it might be more hard for Trump to handle Obamacare.

The problem is that the popular features of Obamacare cost extra money, and were to be financed by the individual mandate and other less popular provisions.

Although the individual mandate concept was originally introduced by conservatives in 1989, it fell out of favor with right-leaning members of Congress by the time Obamacare passed.

The political blowback against Ryan was hot.

“Whether Obamacare is abandoned, then what next?” he told VPR on November 16.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” offers a market-oriented substitute for Obamacare but it has come under bi-partisan fire. “Those are likely to be repealed, and that would mean that women would have to pay for those services out of their own pocket”.

And one of those is that children can be covered under their parents’ health plan until they are 26.

With the recent dismantling of the Kentucky health care exchange, Kynect, Kentucky residents must now use the federal Health Insurance Marketplace,, to purchase insurance.

Meanwhile, if President-elect Trump and the Republican Congress have their way, next year individuals would be able to put away, tax free, as much as $6,550 instead of the current limit of $3,400 and families would be able to make up to $13,100 in tax free contributions instead of the current limit of $6,750.

“I think those are the aspects that will stay in place”, Greene County General Hosptial CEO Brenda Reetz tells Inside Indiana Business.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell predicted in an interview with The Huffington Post on Monday that health insurers would abandon the Obamacare markets in droves by 2018 if they don’t know how Republicans intend to replace the system.

But the elimination or loosening of ACA regulations on health insurers, who before the heath care law could deny coverage or charge higher rates to sicker patients, could bring them big benefits.

“We had almost 50 million people in the United States with no insurance at all [recently]”, Flowers said, adding, “That lowered to some 30 million people [under Obamacare] but we don’t expect it to drop any further”.

That sounds a lot like what Trump was saying earlier this year. Republicans have recently been floating a variation on the theme, which is to create a now-or-never open enrollment period regardless of health status, after which pre-existing condition exclusions could apply.

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