Merkel WILL seek fourth term in Germany despite fury over migrant policy

She told reporters that the decision to run for a fourth term had been “anything but trivial after 11 years in office”.

Visiting Berlin last week, President Barack Obama praised Merkel, who has voiced support for the United States leader’s priorities on climate change, Russian sanctions and economic reform.

German news agency dpa says Angela Merkel will seek a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor in general elections next year.

“Angela Merkel stands for stability, reliability and thoughtfulness”, a senior party colleague, Julia Kloeckner, told the Rheinische Post newspaper.

The conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said that as a level-headed and experienced crisis manager, Merkel is still her party’s strongest candidate, even if she is “past her zenith at home and abroad”.

Merkel and Obama spoke about the need to find unity, and to reach those who’ve been marginalized by political and economic change.

One of the world’s most powerful leaders has announced her decision to run for office again.

Today, Deutsche Welle quotes the chancellor calling the recent USA campaign season “grotesque”. Despite the uncertainties surrounding Mr. Trump and his hostility toward Ms. Merkel’s immigration policy, Dr. Forbrig expects her to find a way to work with him because of the importance of the relationship between the USA and Europe.

In elections in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania earlier this year, Merkel’s party came in third behind the AfD.

She’s rubbished as “grotesque and absurd” claims that she is the West’s last defender of liberal values. She still requires the official backing of her Christian Social Union (CSU) allies in Bavaria, who have fiercely criticised her open-door migrant policy.

I am hardly expert enough in German politics to be able to say one way or the other which way the political winds are blowing there, or which way they might be blowing by the time elections are held next year.

After Britain’s June 23 vote to leave the EU, Dr Merkel must retain close ties with Britain without cutting a Brexit deal that tempts others facing a sluggish economy and worries about immigration to leave too.

During Sunday’s announcement, Merkel made it known that she is aware of the challenge she is undertaking, and the rough road ahead that could affect her entire Christian Democrat Union (CDU) party, saying that it “will probably be criticized from everywhere, from the right-wing parties and also because of the polarization of our society, also from the left party”.

Whoever takes on the task faces an uphill struggle to dislodge Merkel, who said Sunday she would seek another four-year term.

A physicist via training, Merkel got to be chancellor in 2005. The party, now represented in 10 state parliaments, has aggressively campaigned against Merkel’s decision to welcome an estimated 890,000 migrants into Germany previous year, many of them Muslims fleeing the war-torn Middle East and Africa.

Merkel said that for her, political discussion was about engagement not “fighting” and “inciting hatred”.

NELSON: She says while it’s an honor to be seen as influential in the wake of the USA elections, she also finds it, quote, “grotesque and too absurd”.

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