You can demo Super Mario Run right now. Here’s how

Super Mario Run is the first Super Mario Bros. game developed specifically for mobile devices.

I hope people will continue to recognize the areas where Nintendo has taken that first step.

My demo ended with a sample of a Bowser Castle, the notorious boss stages that usually cap off a world in a Mario game.

– Mario creator and game design luminary Shigeru Miyamoto in a recent live Q&A, reported by Touch Arcade.

Nintendo has stalwartly ignored calls for Mario to leap his way onto mobile for some time now despite the seemingly obvious opportunity it was missing out on.

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LUIGI LAND Where are the Nintendo theme parks? And keep in mind, the whole console is inside that tablet.

Attach controllers onto the sides and you can continue where you left off.

However, one tidbit is putting a bit of a downer on the whole thing. It’s clear Nintendo is taking a measured approach to this release, which is understandable given the huge differences between supplying software for their own hardware and releasing an app to a storefront available in 150 countries. Due to this, numbers are increasing for the fans who are going to buy the Nintendo Switch. But it doesn’t have the ability to change from home console to handheld like the Switch, and despite being well received suffered from generally low sales.

Super Mario Run is a new mobile game – the first from Nintendo. But Miyamoto said that made it harder to integrate World Tour with the other two modes that rely on a network connection.

In Toad Rally, players can compete in those courses against friends, gaining approval from Toads, the mushroom-hat-wearing creatures part of Mario lore. “But then the challenge is when that’s operating in a standalone mode, it actually complicates the connection back to the Toad Rally and Kingdom modes”. There will be no in-app purchases present, per se – you can either play the free version or pay the fixed price of version with all content included.

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