Get Ready to Power-Up: Super Mario Is Coming to Our iPhones

How are you feeling about Super Mario Run?

While the gameplay may be different, the goal remains the same – rescue Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser. Along the way, users run into familiar challenges, like piranha plants peeking out of green tubes and coins in treacherous spots.

Mario runs forward automatically so the player just has to tap the screen to jump at the right moments in the courses. Love and care has been poured into the game by the bucket load and once you’ve done the first few levels you know you are going to pay that £7.99 price tag just to see what awaits you in the later levels.

The app comes with premium price: $9.99. You can drop a building in your Kingdom to unlock a bonus game, or use a building to add new character’s to play as. Some folks might complain that four runs of a level is a bit too excessive to find all the coins, but they have to remember that Super Mario Run rarely stops, so you’re going to go through levels at a fairly quick pace, which will make it hard for you to identify and adjust what you’re doing to find those secret coins.

Some experts think Nintendo is walking away from a lot of money with the one-off fee. “When you put out a paid game like this you cap your earnings at $10 a consumer”.

It’s also free to download, as with the majority of mobile games. All of the artistic aesthetic of the game from visuals through to music is borrowed from the New Super Mario Bros. games, and these assets looks a damn sight better on these screens than they do on the 3DS. It’s also about how you managed to get them. Each has a unique play style that Mario doesn’t offer. While Pokemon is a Nintendo property, the summer-hit “Pokemon GO” was developed and published by San Francisco-based Niantic Inc.

“As one might expect from Nintendo, there is a care, quality and polish here that is immediately apparent from the moment you boot the game”.

Nintendo aren’t pulling any punches with their early attempts at mobile gaming.

“There are more people with smartphones than game consoles”, said tech consultant Shelly Palmer. Instead, it has come up with something quite special, the accomplishment of which justifies its late arrival to the mobile-gaming party: a unique take on the infinitely-running mobile game.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: this game is essentially a runner. Pokemon Go took a completely opposite approach, compelling users to seek out real-world locations in search of virtual pocket monsters. It’s a shame – one imagines that this might be changed later down the line – but it’s ultimately a small drawback for something so transformative for the mobile medium.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is benefiting from another burst of nostalgia.

Predictions are that the game could result in 30 million downloads in its first month, and as much as $71 million in worldwide gross revenue. On the other hand, the animations are terrific; Mario has never moved with more energy or grace in a 2D Mario game.

Turns out the answer is “neither.” Super Mario Run is now live, and can be downloaded to your iOS device of choice. It’s now unclear when it might come to Android.

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