Ronda Rousey Weighs In for UFC Cage-Fighting Comeback in Vegas

Her opponent is current bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

Live Updates will be available on UFC’s Live Stats.

Such paydays are both the argument for and against Rousey returning to the Octagon for a 15th professional fight (a ninth in the UFC) – she is wealthy enough to not need the hardship, but would likely still be a huge draw for the promotion.

Nunes walked her down, stayed at range and landed at least four more brutal right hands, the most damaging sending Rousey into the cage, which she used to stay standing.

Jokingly UFC fans started to draw parallels between Rousey’s loss and Hilary Clinton’s capitulation in the United States election. Furthermore, a rematch against Holly Holm, after she finishes competing for the inaugural women’s featherweight belt, makes ideal sense.

“I believe I will retire her after this fight”, Amanda predicts of Rousey.

WWE will surely come calling but after Rousey disappeared following her knockout loss to Holly Holm, it’s not unfair to wonder if she won’t be showing her face in public anytime soon. Her charm and good looks made her a global star, and her viciousness inside the Octagon only added to her appeal.

Rousey’s ability to latch on a quick submission has always been the strongest aspect of her game.

UFC has allowed Rousey to impose the media blackout despite it clearly being detrimental to them hyping up tonight’s event. “She’s done a lot for the sport and for women in the sport, and she’s never asked for much. This is the only thing I wanted to look at him, to say it”.

Nunes banked an extra check for her first-round finish of former champion Ronda Rousey in the main event.

She has hinted her fight Friday could be one of her lasts. Nunes might not be as polished a striker as Holm, but Rousey might struggle if this bout plays out on the feet and at striking range.

However, once the dominant force in the division, it’s evident the chasing pack, who previously seemed so far back, have caught up to her. Holm outlined the blueprint to nullify Rousey in 2015, and it was one Nunes followed to perfection, capitalising on some brittle defence.

Fox breaks the main card down here, with a Holm video interview. The returning Ronda Rousey or the defending champion Amanda Nunes?

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