UR medical students protest repeal of Obamacare

“There ought not to be a great gap” between repealing the act and replacing it and that Republicans would be “replacing it rapidly after repealing it”, McConnell told U.S. network CBS.

Crafting a true health care reform package – which Obamacare did not do – indeed will be hard.

Ryan and other leaders discussed ideas for adding replacement into an upcoming budget reconciliation bill – the vehicle through which Republicans plan to roll back Obamacare. “We’re (Democrats) going to tell America that they’re replacing affordable care with chaos”. The students are concerned that a repeal of the ACA without a significant replacement would cause Americans to lose health insurance. Not only is Obamacare not a law, it’s also not even a health insurance plan – and neither is ACA.

Still, 59% of respondents said they want Obamacare repealed in some way or another, while 35% want it left as it now exists or expanded. “Under that bill it was two years, [but] there’s some talk of it being more than two years for this upcoming repeal package”. The legislation directs that the second part of the repeal process, which would actually start to dismantle the health care law, be complete by January 27.

The Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare by supporters and critics alike, is imperfect. Americans dependent on the insurance, and the health care industry, which warns that repeal could be disastrous without a substitute, should not be quaking because of the Republican vendetta on Obamacare. “It is a death sentence for some significant percentage of those people”, King said during his Senate speech. As stated by Sen.

So what are Republican lawmakers planning to put in its place? “The long-term solution is to reform the insurance industry”.

The first principles still matter: Hold down costs, and make medical care available to more people. I hope so. Obviously I’d prefer no repeal at all, but at the very least the American public deserves to know what Trump has in mind when the health coverage they now have is ripped away from them.

The majority of Americans want Congress to make Obamacare better. These are the folks who voted for Trump. Instead, they want to kill it because it is associated with a man they love to hate.

Those provisions, especially divorced from the cost-containment provisions of Obamacare, are likely to drive health insurance premiums higher, faster.

McConnell told reporters at a press conference Tuesday that repeal was the first step toward replacing the ACA. With power and responsibility comes both praise for success and blame for failure.

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