Women’s March On Washington (and everywhere else) much, MUCH larger than expected

Many voiced concerns, among other things, about comments President-elect Trump had made about women.

Katy here. I first heard about local efforts to send Kansas City women to the Women’s March on Washington in November, when the march was first taking form. “We can’t move”, said one woman talking on the phone near American Indian Museum.

Thousands upon thousands of people turned out in support of the women’s march in Washington, D.C., but they also turned out to voice disdain for Trump’s rhetoric and behavior, reports the Washington Post.

Estimates and D.C. Metro ridership data put attendance at more than 500,000 people, suggesting Saturday’s protest saw a significantly larger turnout than Trump’s inauguration the day before.

Media personality Tracey Spicer will MC the Sydney event, and says she is doing so in support of global equality, solidarity and human rights.

Merle Robine, of the Upper West Side, held a sign saying, “women’s rights are human rights”.

But there were no reports of trouble Down Under where Women’s March organisers had called for a peaceful protest.

Tens of thousands more took to the streets of London, Paris and other cities in solidarity with the United States marchers.

Some protesters recognize Birmingham as hallowed ground, the birthplace of the civil rights movement, and they say this is the next chapter.

Several women in Los Angeles, a group from MI and a teacher from Missouri said they hope that by joining together, Washington will in fact listen.

She’s one of 150 women leaving from central IN, just from the local Women’s March chapter. Scott, 34, says she hopes the massive event is lovely and peaceful, but also that people understand its importance.

“I think that right out of the gate Donald Trump and they have to know want they’re up against”, student Chelsea O’Connor-Rosiek said.

Despite it being summer in the Southern Hemisphere, some people were spotted in Wellington wearing knitted pink “pussyhats” – the cat theme referencing Trump’s lewd remarks in a 2005 video. “We’re going to draw some hard lines when it comes to protecting personal property and fighting against violence”, said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

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