Pence Casts Historic Senate Vote to Confirm Trump’s Education Pick

Pence has said he will vote to confirm DeVos.

Both of Maine’s USA senators were on the losing side of an effort to prevent billionaire school voucher advocate Betsy DeVos from becoming secretary of education in President Trump’s Cabinet.

So who is the woman who will run the nation’s public school system?

Warner, who received 24,000 emails and 17,000 phone calls – nearly all urging DeVos’ rejection – said it was the strongest outpouring since the 2009 Senate vote on the Affordable Care Act.

DeVos, a billionaire from MI who advocates for “school choice“, has a storied history of contributing what amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars to the senators who voted for her, in addition to millions to the charter school movement and the GOP.

DeVos has, however, spent years advocating for privatizing schools and the school voucher program.

Meredith said she is anxious because DeVos has no background in education.

Other Senators questioned DeVos’ competency to guide the country’s education system, suggesting that her family background detached her from public realities. Peter Denton, founder of Excellent Education for Everyone, worked with Booker in Newark and voiced his disappointment in Tuesday’s vote: “He’s turned into a partisan political player”.

But DeVos’s supporters see that as an asset, and that the new head of the Department of Education will empower states and parents to have greater choice in children’s education.

Because we’ve all run into grizzlies on our walks across the Main Quad, haven’t we?

I suppose the Democrats could view Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski as their own little two-point conversion, tying up the score at the end and sending the game into overtime. Where I grew up I would have to drive at least 20 miles to get to a private school.

Senate Democrats began their 24-hour protest against DeVos in a last-ditch effort to block her confirmation.

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