The Walking Dead: What’s With Rick’s Smile?

With multiple members of the cast involved in time-consuming new projects (Sonequa Martin-Green has joined the new Star Trek, Corey Hawkins is holding down 24 and Chandler Riggs is headed to college, just to name a few), the stage is set for some of your faves not to survive to see season 8.

Considering Rick let out a huge smile, it looks like this is a group that will help in the war.

On the final moment of “The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 9, we did come to know about the area these mysterious people live in. We also get a most welcome reunion between Rick and Morgan-who, as they remind us, have known each other since the beginning-but for now they must go home in defeat. Rick and Michonne then started up the cars the wires were attached to and drove them past a horde of dozens of walkers, chopping them right in half in a visually cool sequence that also made very little sense. Those communities only have small handfuls of fighters. Richard’s desire to be less peaceful than Ezekiel wants to be is well-noted.

Jesus tried to sway Gregory, but he did not seem to care about it and declined. He could just be happy that he’s found some people who may possibly fight with him against Negan. Shout-out to Rick’s maniacal half-grin as he and his gang stood surrounded and outnumbered by this motley crew. The group is shocked to see Shiva. You don’t have to like the guy, but this is what The Walking Dead could use more of – eccentric performances that make a character interesting and watchable, not just another sad and gloomy individual that mopes around all the time. In fact, that would be the best case scenario since most people know how to defeat the walkers. Father Gabriel, whom many of us may have despised before, has a brilliant idea. What matters more is that the need for more weapons is something that’s already been established.

“The Walking Dead” midseason premiere was not short of excitement and danger when Rick and his group nearly didn’t make it in time to Alexandria before Simon and his men arrived to search for Daryl. Great job, Father Gabriel! We see Morgan (Lennie James) reveal to Rick that he had to kill a man. They decide to carefully move the line of cars to get their own vehicle through and then to move them back like nothing happened. He does offer shelter to Daryl, however, to which the tracker agrees only at Rick’s insistence.

“Rock in the Road” put “The Walking Dead” back in our good graces, ever so slightly.

Does Gabriel have something to do with this new group showing up? Sgt. McSexy shows them how to disable and steal all the explosives (which is muy caliente), and the gang is nearly devoured by a zombie mob, except that Michonne and Rick decapitate a bunch of them using a couple cars with a wire strung between them. All they needed was a couple of cars and a steel cable tied between them. But is it possible that the AMC series will take a different direction from the comics?

Morgan and Ezekiel kept their deal with her not to tell the others she was alive and shacked up at a house just outside of town.

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