‘Logan’ Director Wants an X-23 Spin-Off Movie

If Jackman were to go against his word, the next logical step would be a cameo with fan favorite Deadpool.

This certainly sounds promising for those who’d be interested in seeing more of Mangold’s bold, gritty directorial style, and for anyone who enjoys the character of X-23 from the comics. Which is a concept both exciting and exhausting, as the constant, seemingly never-ending battle between lighter superhero fare and moody vigilantism has done perhaps mortal damage to both sides of the debate. Jackman clearly gives everything he has to his final round as the Wolverine, which is never more clear than his final action-packed sequences.

“This character been within for 17 years but not until this film do I think I have got to the heart of him”, he said. The kind of character who would hate for things to go back to the way they were, he’s determined to recapture Laura but this deep-seated desire doesn’t make the character one-dimensional.

Hugh Jackman’s Logan is looking at clawing up a $60 million opening weekend when it hits theaters on March 3. Later, though, the comics prove valuable, suggesting there may still be a place for them in our world, provided their stories are handled with the level of care given to Logan. Because, well, Wolverine is violent.

While in the midst of a funeral gig, a woman approaches the bedraggled warrior seeking “Wolverine” and his assistance in transporting a young, silent girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) to a safe haven north of the border and out of the clutches of the smooth yet menacing Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his cybernetic band known as the Reavers.

This is the third installment in what has become a stand-alone trilogy of Wolverine movies, films that exist both within and separate from the X-Men cinematic continuity. Logan, being poisoned by his own powers, is not the invincible fighter he once was, and Professor Xavier – suffering from Alzheimer’s – is prone to seizures that threaten the safety of every single person around him. But for the most part Mangold’s film is pitched at just the right tone-bracing and enveloping, a crunching chase movie that has the heft of true conviction.

Seventeen years. Nine films. There are vague allusions to past catastrophe and upheaval involving the purging of mutants, and there are automated big-rig trucks on the highway. It’s evident that Logan is bothered by his representation in the stories, as they probably do depict a false heroic image of him that he feels he does not deserve.

This movie, following in the footsteps of last year’s Deadpool, is a hard R with tons of swearing, bloody violence, and even some brief nudity for good measure.

Superhero movies haven’t always led to good video games, but Jackman’s Wolverine has been a glowing exception. It makes the fantastical stuff more credible, somehow. Characters hurt each other, love each other, and the audience feels those emotions.

“She quite liked it”, Jackman, 48, told ET’s Carly Steel, “which gives me hope because I had to wear a wig for the old salt and pepper”. I’m assuming Logan will get a 15 from the BBFC, but I’d wager there’s been a weighty conversation about whether an 18 is more appropriate. No, Logan is also an astonishing achievement due to the emotional punch its narrative packs, founded on the bond between three incredibly defined characters.

Is Logan really the end for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine? Of course, that does not mean there are now plans for the next X-Men movie. Mangold builds Logan with the rest-fight-rest-fight structure so familiar to the chase genre, which could easily be rote and repetitive. “I was like, ‘Dude, this is the greatest idea, but how are we going to pull this off?” It might not play as broadly as other X-Men films (some will inevitably miss the slightly more conventional fare), but it leaves the vast majority of them in its dust trails. Laura, on the other hand, is a complete mute who can kill with little more than a flick of the wrist. Less like a super hero movie and more like a western, the R-Rated movie is more intimate and character driven.

Spoiler-free thoughts on Logan follow. Logan himself relies on his assorted addictions just to get through life. But this time, with Logan, Jackman had the chance to craft something truly special. Gone are Wolverine’s spandex and unique hair.

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